Sunday, February 8, 2015

All the food, and the best commercial I've ever seen

The first week of February had me feeling significantly more lazy than the first week in January. I should be done with my ten miler by now.... but instead I'm watching Mythbusters, blogging, and sippin' on some BPC. Bulletproof coffee gets me goin' in the morning! (If you guys haven't tried it, I suggest giving it a whirl. You might be surprised!) I usually make my bulletproof coffee with a little bit of coconut oil and ghee. Not only does it taste delish, but I don't need to use chapstick for the rest of the morning after drinking it! Win!
This is what's trumping me finding a sports bra right now. Does reading about running burn as many calories as actually running?

If you do decide to try out some BPC (don't be scared!), just keep in mind that it is loaded with healthy fats and calories. On mornings I go bulletproof, I don't eat or drink anything else (except for water, of course). Not only does it taste delish, it totally keeps me full until lunch time! Also, if you read up on bulletproof coffee, you'll find a lot of haters out there. But. You know. Haters gon' hate hate hate hate hate.

Yesterday, I dusted off ol' Cracker and took her on a 45 miler through the prairies of Texas. It was beautiful! I met up with two lovely (badass) ladies, and we photo documented our favorite parts of the morning!

Rest stop #1. The pickles! I'm pretty sure this was the second of the 28963 pickle pieces I ate yesterday morning. Not shown here is the brownies with peanut butter. If you think that eating a brownie with peanut butter, and then washing it down with a pickle is disgusting, then I urge you to ride your bike for a few miles and then try it. The heart wants some weird things in a work out...

I think this was rest stop #3. This was the cutest little set up! And an extra win- I was able to snag a pink and red starburst! (And of course, more pickles....)

It's not easy to look this adorable after riding 25 miles and wearing a helmet, and yet these two make it look effortless. 

Michelle got our bikes to lock together! It's like our bikes are snuggling. So precious.

Rest stop #4. You sure don't eat like this on a run. (And don't worry. There were pickles at this one, too.)

When I was driving to the starting line this morning, it was foggy, and cold, and spooky looking. This is what it looked like outside when we finished. I liked this tree and I liked the sky. Sometimes Texas is pretty neat.

I didn't even know when I signed up for this that there'd be free beer at the end! (It was put on by a small, Christian academy, so I kinda just assumed. Faith Christian Academy and No Label for the win!) Sweet Stephanie on the right made my day around mile 17 when she mentioned free beer and barbecue at the end. I think my pace picked up for the rest of the way after that new knowledge. 

They gave us a bracelet for the beer tent. And explained that they had to "limit" us to "only" 4 beers. Which was nice of them. Because at the finish line, there were NO pickles. Sometimes you can't win 'em all.

Also, I can't get enough of this. Watch it, and then go hug an animal of your choice.

Happy Sunday!

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