Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dropping the ball...

The past few months have been cray so that whole "return to blogging" thing really turned out to be a flash in the pan. Fail. In about a week, I'll head back up to New England to lifeguard on beautiful Cape Cod for my tenth (what?!) summer. It's the greatest job I could have ever fallen into, with some fantastic perks that go beyond getting paid something comparable to my teacher salary to work out and sit on a beautiful beach That said, now that I'm no longer 21, single, and a New Hampshire resident, it also gets a little bit harder every year to leave home. I've never been great at keeping up with the blog during the summer (or let's face it- in general) so this is going to be the year that I really try to make an effort to keep it going!

So before I leave and start filling this thing full of pictures of amazing scenery, friends, beers, and Bananagrams/Scrabble/Settlers of Catan game boards, here's a pictorial recap of some highlights from the last few months.

Baby Jolie is born! Now Donnie and I can get our baby fix, and then send her home after a few hours. Perfect.

Lady discovers both her reflection and the fish in our pond. It was love at (delayed) first sight.


Completion of my 3rd 70.3. Despite being sick as a dog, this one by far felt the best. And bonus- Jessica and I both PR'd! 

In addition to discovering her love for fish, Lady also discovered her love for jazz music. I put on a Miles Davis record, and she sat in front of the record player staring at it the whole time it was on. (Except of course to come get me when it was time to flip the album over.) Girlfriend's got mad taste.


Donnie and I took a trip to Austin for my dirty 30. Here are some highlights from that.

I. Can't. Get. Enough. Vinyl.

We stayed at this cute hotel that was labeled retro-chic- it did not disappoint. Lonestar Court was cute cute cute!

True. Effing. Story. Billy Gibbons was at the hotel bar drinking wine when Donnie and I went in for a happy hour cocktail. Turns out, he's the nicest guy ever. (Fun fact- HE'S the one who wanted to take a selfie. Mr. Gibbons, you're a true gentleman.)

Donnie and I "hiked" up to the alleged tallest point in Austin. It was gorgeous, and overlooked Lake Travis and the fabulous mansions right on the water. Someday I'm going to get paid enough to buy one of those houses.

 There were some really awesome looking trees that I just couldn't get enough of..

My dirty 30- Donnie's sweet family came and planted these flowers in my yard the night before my birthday! They're so fun I may or may not have a few that I planted in my actual flower beds :)
I wanted to take the pups for a good walk before we went out to dinner. It was a beautiful day!

Yup. Here it is.

May 17 I was lucky enough to get to volunteer at Ironman Texas. I'll be damned if I'm not going to sign up for IMTX2016! (Especially since they're moving it to April, making the heat and humidity hopefully a little more bearable.) Congratulations to all you badass participants! 

Girlfriend killed it. I'd love to be able to finish an Ironman when it's still daylight!

Happy tears when this one crossed the finish line!

Misty and I doing Ironman Texas the RIGHT way. It is, of course, so important to stay hydrated.

Happy summer, friends! 

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  1. Dang oh Dang. You inspired me to finally update mine as well!