Friday, January 24, 2014

Guess who's back…back again...

Guess who FINALLY got her domain up and running?! It's been a wild rest of the year! I won't bore you with the chit chat. Instead, I'll take you on a photographic journey through the months that I missed blogging with you all! (And boyyyy, did I sure miss blogging with you!)


We bought a house! Ain't no thang. Just a couple kids being grown ups and stuff.

And then Julianne got married!…..
…in Saint Thomas. It totally didn't suck.
We LOVE Polaroids. (This was also when I embraced the fact that I need to do a whole lot more arm work. Tricep dips, I'm comin' for ya!)

I went back to Cape Cod for another round of life guarding at the BEAUTIFUL Herring Cove Beach (if you haven't been to Provincetown before, turn off your computer and go now, please)! And I couldn't have asked for a better summer family. They make being away from home much easier to bear!

We worked SUPER hard….
…and this guy and I came out of our swimming retirement (I don't even want to tell you how many years after the fact) and wound up not embarrassing ourselves too bad! (Yeah….those medals mean we're awesome. NBD.)

The arrival of the newest main man of my life happened. Believe it or not, HE GETS CUTER! You'll see.. (Clarification- baby Flynn belongs to my best friend, Katy. My babies have 4 legs and fur.)

August brought my return to Houston…and rekindled my love affair for sky porn.

September was relatively uneventful- let's move on to October…

First run of the Houston Marathon Warm-Up Series. Rainy, rainy day. So many wardrobe malfunctions  and an irritated IT band meant no PR for me. But the beer at the end helped ease my sorrows. Bonus- the medal was pretty sweet!

We saw Alkaline Trio. Remember how much I love them?! You can probably see in Matt Skiba's face how much he loves me back.


I participated in my second 70.3. This was taken before the start with my sweet friend Jessica. It was a brutally tough race for me which taught me that I need a WHOLE lot more work on the bike. Lesson learned. Jessica, however, KILLED it!! So proud of her!

I was blessed to have some sweet friends out there along the run course cheering me on. Thank God, because I definitely don't think I would have made it. Thanks, Jimmy and Diane (not shown)!

A couple weeks later brought the second race in the Warm-Up Series- 25k, baby! This time I had some beautiful friends to run it with! (AND more free beer at the end! Yes!) (Note- Jimmy and Diane got engaged the VERY NEXT DAY! That's why you can really feel the smitteness in this picture. They're so great!)

After 25 kilometers of fun, we met the rest of the Team for brunch. This is the greatest group of people to come into my life. You'll see.

This smile happened.

And then Donnie and I celebrated our second anniversary and Thanksgiving in Disney World.
Bubbles, pizza (not shown), and a/my cute boy in a hoodie. These are a few of my favorite things!

(To all who come to this happy place- Welcome.)


Officer Bradford picked me (and Martha) up! He does this all the time, but I'm pretty sure Martha and I are his favo pick up. (Disclaimer- that statement is my own opinion and is not based on fact or anything mentioned by Officer Bradford himself. But I mean, seriously- check out those smiles.) So much happiness!

Third and final race of the Warm-Up Series- Sugarland 30k with some of the Team! It was a beautiful, but COLD, day for the run, and everyone did great! 

My last race of 2013- the 12k of Christmas. (Note- Timmy requires jumping pictures after every race. I can't blame him- check out that air and form!) Christmas Carolers at every stop, Santa at the finish line, good friends along the way...

…and free beer at the end with my sweet friend, Misty! Not a bad way to race out the year!

This was at the conclusion of our final long training run for the Houston. Never in my life have I had SUCH a blast running 20+ miles! There were adventures, hills, and just so much laughter! 

Donnie and I flew up to New Hampshire to ring out 2013 with my parents and friends. We visited my daddy at his work, and I got to touch a lot of buttons and knobs on a fire truck. (Side note- this is going to be my dad's 30th year on the line!! This man just loves a good fire fight!)

Donnie also got to meet my summer family. Boy it felt so good to see them! Look how well everyone cleans up! Love them so much!

Remember when I said he gets cuter?! Told ya. I absolutely cannot go to New Hampshire without seeing my bestie. And that importance is now magnified ten-fold now that Flynn is in the picture! I can't believe how fast these things grow!!

Next up, a Houston Marathon re-cap… Stay tuned!


  1. I'm so happy that you're blogging again! Keep it up!

  2. Sounds like you've been quite active!!! Excited to keep following :) I'm doing my first marathon in March so I'm also looking forward to your recap!!

    1. YAY!!!! That's so exciting!!!! What marathon are you doing?! I hope training is going well!! Can't wait to read all about it!!

    2. Thanks!!! I'm doing a local one called the Reston Marathon!! I've had some pretty cold runs so I'm just hoping it'll be in the 40s at least on race day!!