Sunday, May 5, 2013

My favorite meme, and the trio

Guys. My most favorite day of the year went down this week. Tuesday, to be exact. Tuesday marks the day that I get to use my Most. Favorite. Meme. Ever. (And if you happen to be one of the contacts in my phone, you'll know I like memes a lotttt).
(Hehehehehe! Don't get it? Say it out loud.... Still don't get it? We probably shouldn't be friends)

Confession alert: I used to love *NSYNC. (See? I even used the star instead of an apostrophe, and all of the letters remain capitalized. Respect.) It was pretty bad. Once I went out of town for the weekend when I was in high school younger and I came home to find that my parents had taken every. last. one. of my posters, magazine cut outs, and random *NSYNC shit down off my walls, and had completely repainted it. It was like coming home to a generic hotel room. At the time, I was mad, sad, hurt, confused. But now I know they did it for my own good. (Thanks, mom and dad, for always having my best intention at heart. And for knowing that if I continued to bring friends over to hang out they'd want nothing to do with me after seeing my damn bedroom, and I'd wind up friendless and alone and, yes, without *NSYNC because, you were right, they didn't have the staying power of the Beatles..)

May is my birthday month. We won't talk about how old I'll actually be turning. At least it's not 30. On Friday, we decided to celebrate my birthday a little early! (Ok, just kidding. We would have gone to see them even if it wasn't my birthday because we. love. them.)

I love Alkaline Trio. LOVE. They. Are. My. Fave. If you haven't ever heard them, you should look into them. Start with Goddamnit. Or Maybe I'll Catch Fire. Those are my FAAAAAVES. Ugh. They're so good! If you like them, you should then listen to The Emergency Room. (I love me some Dan Adriano, something unhealthy!) 

Donnie is the mack daddy of meeting bands and celebs (speaking of mack daddy, rest in peace Mac Daddy). I don't know how he does it. Man's like magic. Matt Skiba, the guitarist and lead singer, said at the show that he'd be spinnin' over at da club across the street after the show, so we decided to go over and wait for him (obv in hopes of meeting him, even though Donnie's already met him like 3 times....lucky duck). So we went next door. And I got some beers. And we waited. And waited. And waited. And finally, I didn't want to drink beers anymore (my tolerance isn't what it used to be folks, and quite frankly, I get freakin' full). It was getting late so we decided to leave. 2 good reasons we did: 1- we went outside and Skiba's bike wasn't even there anymore (read: Skiba has left the building.). 2- AND THEN WE RAN INTO THIS GUY!!!!!!!
Dan. MF. Adriano. (Clearly, one of us is slightly more excited than the other. Poor guy.)

Ugh. I can usually talk to anyone. ANYONE. I could probably befriend a trash bag. But after a long night of drinking beer, my conversational skills were, let's just say, lacking. So many things I should have said. So many WITTY things I could have said. But instead I went with "I think you're really wonderful." ...heyyyy, creep alert. I've been ashamed all weekend. At least I shook his hand, and his arm is definitely on the small of my back. Maybe even my butt- you really can't tell from this picture and that would totally make a better story. Dan Adriano touched my butt. I'm goin with it.

Other "quick news" on the home front: Donnie and I bought a house! 
Please pardon the terrible quality. I had to screen shot from the realty website. I've been going through a real funk where I'm not taking pictures actual. It's bad.

In less than two weeks, the house was put on the market, we went, we loved, we offered, they countered, we accepted, they signed, we inspected, and we're slated to move the first of June. Holy. Smokes. It's cool, timing. The end of the school year is totally not chaotic as it is or anything, so I absolutely have time to pack up my house and finish redoing the kitchen (that I started over a year ago....). But we'll get it done, and we're so excited to turn this house into our home!!!

I'm gonna go get my Sunday morning run on, but here's a picture to leave you with. Hopefully it makes your heart feel at least half as warm as it makes mine feel.

Is anyone else good at talking to celebrities?
- I suck.

How far was your long run this weekend?

Any other Taurus' out there? Happy birthday!!


  1. Wow...I LOVE your new home! It is beautiful and huge...I'm pretty sure 5 of my houses could fit into yours...Congratulations again!