Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Boston, and my wardrobe this week

I'm still left speechless and angry and sad about Monday's happenings, so I'm choosing not to really talk about it. I'd just start babbling like an idiot, and that's not anything anyone wants to read. Instead, I want to share this clip from one of my favorite people alive. I love 99.999% of everything that comes out of Stephen Colbert's mouth. Pure comedic genius.

I shared with my principal, and fellow marathon runner, on Monday night that I was going to wear a race shirt to work the following day to honor Boston, and that he should too. (I don't think he gets on Facebook too often so I wasn't sure how on earth he'd find out!) Not only did he wear a race shirt (OVER his dress shirt) on Tuesday, he wore another one today. He then informed me that he was going to wear one every day this week. Give props to Boston AND dress down for the rest of the week? Don't mind if I do!

Yesterday I wore my Houston marathon shirt. Tomorrow I think I'll wear a Disney. Friday, perhaps San Antonio. (Today was a dress since I didn't get the memo that he'd be fine with me wearing race shirts all week. What a loss.)

I'm totally bummed that I've been feeling really crappy- not because I've been feeling crappy, but because I haven't gotten to run for Boston yet. I'm hoping to get out there this weekend at the latest! I hope you all were able run and reflect this week!

I've been singing this song all week. You should too. They make me think of high school and home. Love me some Murphys!

Did you wear a race shirt this week? 

Anyone have a good workout this week? 
--I'll need to live vicariously through y'all :)

What bands make you reminisce or think of home?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday smiles and a day with Donnie

Happy Sunday-Funday-Runday!

It's cloudy, humid and HOT in Houston today (well, I'm hot anyway...but I think I'm a bit sick, so perhaps it's only hot to me). Since Donnie was SUCH a champ last weekend and went with me to Galveston and waited around for me for HOURS to finish my half ironman (and got just as sunburnt as I did, poor guy) I told him that Sunday would be his day, and I'd do whatever he wanted. And then I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a freight train, so I've been a real stick in the mud all day. (Sorry, my love! I'll make it up to you!)

Yesterday, on the other hand, was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Houston! I called up my girl, Misty, and we met at Starbucks to start our run. (My favorite things: coffee and running!)
I'm such a sucker for the Houston skyline... Alright, any skyline, really..

We tried to get the awesome city in the background, but instead just got the sunshine. This girl is one of my FAVES to run with. ...and one of my faves in general :)

In my opinion, a good run route has numerous photo ops.

One sad thing did happen on our run though- I ripped my Lulu shorts. Sad, sad day. They're still wearable though. (And I did not take a picture, because it was a little too close to my backside and I didn't think anyone needed to see a picture of THAT.) I have, however, been thinking lately of switching to Athleta. Their yoga stuff is pretty drool worthy! (Not only am I a sucker for a skyline, I'm also a HUGE sucker for expensive work out apparel...)

After our run, I wandered aimlessly around Babies R Us for a while (maybe it's just the store I went to, but there was NO organization to their layout and it gets us non-parents really confused!! Am I right?!), bought far more than I needed at Target, and then headed to this FABULOUS high rise (anytime I go somewhere with valet I feel uber ritzy) to celebrate this lovely lady and her bambino number 2!
So wonderful to be reunited with these lovely ladies again!! 

Of course, the food was amazing (I would have taken a picture, but I couldn't hold myself back long enough before digging in). And there was fabulous cake. There is nothing better than sugar and carbs all on one plate. Once again, Miss No-Self-Control over here couldn't keep it together long enough to take a picture of that either. Sorry, gang. All you really need to know is that it was delish. And if you want to know the way to my heart- it's cake. And expensive running outfits.

Happy Sunday! For the rest of the day, I'm at Donnie's mercy- which means we'll probably watch whatever movies he wants, take naps, and snuggle. I don't hate it.

What's your brand of choice for work-out ensems? Any Lulu AND Athleta wearers out there? What's your preference?

What are you a major sucker for?

cake, skylines, puppies, cute clothes..

What's on your favorite run route?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crossing another one off the bucket list...

So this past weekend I competed in completed my very first half ironman. Woop! Shocker- it was WAY more fun than I thought it would be!! Despite the fact that I did the 56 mile ride on this.....
The WHOLE ride totally sucked. I thought maybe I was just being dramatic- but then I realized I was getting mad props from people as they whizzed past me on their fancy tri bikes ("Damn, Becky, you're a BEAST on that bike!" Thank you, speed racer on the bike that costs more than my car. Next time I will strive to be more like you) (Read: I'm going to light this bike on fire, make some awesome s'mores in the burning carnage, and buy myself a tri bike. STAT.)

I always seem to forget how ridiculous it is packing for a tri versus a marathon.. Swim cap, goggles, wetsuit, flip flops, helmet, bike shorts, shirt, socks and sneakers, shades, body glide (so clutch!), water bottles, sunscreen, compression socks...all of which needs to fit on a towel the size of a shoe box. It's like playing tetris. But I'm not good at tetris, so everything winds up in a pile on my towel next to my bike, and my transitions take 5 minutes because I can't get organized.

Not to mention the FUEL!

The swim was (sorry, fellow triathletes who hate the swim) amazing! I had debated for a few weeks on not wearing a wetsuit (65 degree temps...that's like a really good day at HCB...I don't need a wetsuit...). The day before I left for Galveston I invested in one. By. Far. The. Best. Purchase. EVER. Man! That thing made me feel like I was flying on top of the water! I'll always be a swimmer- so that first little part of a tri will ALWAYS be my favorite! (The rest of the tri, however, is usually another story.)
Bonus! I got a "free" cap! 

The run following the ride on my Franken-hybrid-bike (made up of all sorts of random parts) was pretty rough. I can't clip in to my bike, so the spiky pedals dug into the bottoms of my feet for 56 miles. As soon as I hit the pavement to start running, the bottoms of my feet started burning like nothing else I'd ever felt before. On top of that, it was noon, so the pavement was hot by then. I felt like my socks were lined with hot sandpaper for the whole 13.1. I've had better.
It may look like I'm running, but it's only because I saw Donnie and his mom. As soon as I was past them, I started hobbling again.

Donnie and his mom came out to cheer me on for the run portion on Sunday. (Slash- maybe I begged Donnie to come out and cheer for me because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it if I didn't have him there for me at the end. What a sport, right?!) They were SUCH champs! The sun was relentless, and we all left Galveston with ri-dic-u-lous sunburns. I have the best family!
And FRIENDS! These ladies MADE ME SIGNS!! I've never gotten a sign before!!! They made me feel SOOOO special!! Love! Another friend from work (not shown in the picture above) came too- for the WHOLE weekend!! I've got the best support system!

Not to mention my parents sending me these!! I know if they were closer they would have "loved" to come out and support me in the hot sun for 7 hours. Lucky for them, they're in NH :) They sent me these fabulous flowers at work to let me know they'd be rootin' for me every step of the way. (Awwww!)

The reason.

So despite a terrible ride, a sandpaper-sock run, and lots of heat and humidity, I think I may have found my distance....once I get a good bike, that is. I surely never wanna do another one of these on a hybrid. I also feel like, since there's only one big daddy race left that I haven't gotten to yet, perhaps...perhaps...I'm going to add a full Ironman to my bucket list. We shall see...(you next May, Ironman Texas.)

Happy Hump Day!

What type of crazy race do you want to add to your bucket list?

What part of a triathlon freaks you out the most?
-the bike. For sure.

What's the best sign you've ever seen at a race?
-I still like "Worst Parade Ever."