Thursday, March 21, 2013

My sister in law got married, and a photographic journey!

To really end spring break with a bang, my sister ( law...moot point) decided to have her whizbanger of a wedding in one of my most favorite places! (No, not Disney World. That's already been done for this family...I win!) Austin. Freaking. Texas. Not ONLY did she have it in like the coolest city in the whole state. She had Salt Lick BBQ cater the reception. (She's pretty badass!)

But I'm totally getting ahead of myself. Let's take a photographic journey through my final few moments of freedom and sanity Spring Break 2k13.

Kris and Rita came to visit!!!

Are my parents NOT cute as buttons?! They came down for the rodeo wedding, which just so happened to be during rodeo season. Those Yankees love them some rodeo! They were lucky enough to catch one of the last days for this year (and I was lucky enough to catch yet another fantastic round of Mutton Bustin'. If only I was a kid....I'd be all over that sheep... and sweet ass belt buckle...)

Friday at about 9 am we hit the road for Austin. Friday at about 11:45 am we hit up Homeslice Pizza. Never been? Well, if you're a Texan, than shame on you. This is the best damn pizza you'll ever have in your life. And I'm a pizza brat who also worked at a pizza joint. So. Obviously my pizza opinions are legit as hell. (Try the eggplant pie- you won't be disappointed!)

Saturday was WEDDING DAY!!! Since I had to share a borderline twin size bed Friday night with a fellow bridesmaid with whom I felt I could not back my ass up on (sorry, Ashley), I woke up almost every hour. When it was just about daylight, I strapped on my Nike Frees and set out for a sunrise run and some hill work. Little did I know how rockin' Lakeway Texas is on a beautiful Saturday morning...
These guys totally let me gawk all over them, taking pictures and grinning at them like an idiot while they stared me down and ate grass. They got bored with me after a few minutes and frolicked off into the woods together. But on my return trip, I found them playing in the street (ballsy lil' dudes), and gawked and grinned at them all over again. I love nature. I also came thisclose with the fattest, prettiest robin I have ever seen. And I also smelled a skunk- I was cool not meeting up with him in person.
This picture doesn't really do this hill any justice. This bad larry was one of the biggest hills on the route. Took this shot after I had "sprinted" up, while I was walking around trying to get the spots out of my eyes and my heart rate out of the "look out she's gonna blow" level. The coast down felt fantastic!

Once the sun came up, this is what we were dealing with for wedding day. Sucks, doesn't it? (PS- if you're looking for a real dive to stay in, check out the Lakeway. Infiniti pools over looking the lake, hot tub, swim up bar, and towels that you can easily steal 7 of without anyone batting an eye.) They also had really good fruit at their buffet, as well as a parfait station. Breakfast buffet win!

While the ladies dined, Donnie and cousin Justin shared brunch, sipped on chocolate milks, and enjoyed the view. (Look at them, flashin' those wedding rings. Back off, boys and girls, they're married!)

We got all wedding ready with a couple minutes to spare for some sweet photo ops complete with scenic backdrop! Didn't Katie do just the greatest job picking out our dresses AND finding us something we'd LEGIT wear again?! Francesca's and Katie for the win!!
Good grief, is my mom not just the cutest?! Love that woman to PIECES!!!! She even helped set up for the wedding! What a champion!!
2 more beauties! My beautiful sister and mother-in-law! Calm, cool, collected as ever, and looking absolutely gorgeous!! (This picture really doesn't do either one of them justice. They are SO pretty!!)
Playing with my fellow ladies and my fish eye. Let's count how many chins of mine you can see? THOSE girls were super fun!! (And I'm lucky enough to be "related" to 2 of them! Donnie's family is ridiculously fantastic!)
Post Ceremony! She's hitched, fellas!! Gorgeous as ever, but holy bustle- it totally took 5 of us to bustle her up....and that was before anyone had any cocktails! Maggie Sottero ain't nothin to mess with.

Me, my love, and some more fish eye fun. He was a groomsman, so we looked ESPECIALLY put together and matchy matchy that night. Made for some sweet photogs!!

And alas, as most good things do, spring break came to an end, our trip to Austin ended in a sad, quiet, mildly hungover trip back to Houston, and we bid farewell to my parents and shipped them back to NH.
I'm my dad's daughter for sure. 

And one last gem to end this post with:

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Your Spring Break looks amazing! I'm so happy the wedding went off perfectly. Looking at your pictures from your runs makes me envious for walks outside with green leaves and blue skies; soon enough, I hope! Boo for going back to work, but hooray for summer rapidly approaching :o)