Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello old friend, it's really good to see you once again, and an attempt at planned meals

For the past few months I've been doing the majority of my runs solo. I actually kinda like it- I can push myself to the out of breath stage if I want to and not have to worry about carrying on intelligent conversation (not like I'm real profound when I'm not out of breath..), I can listen to my terrible music as loud as my eardrums can handle (there's something about Forever your Girl and I Wanna Dance With Somebody that gets my ass going! ....and my mouth probably singing out loud, off key, and publicly...not to mention the hand dancing), and when my slow self needs to walk I don't have to feel like I'm slowing someone else down.

But this morning, I had some fantastic company! Since the 70.3 is coming up in a couple weeks (!!!!!!) the brick workouts are in full effect. I met up with some old TNT friends, and sweat it out for a good few hours.
I kicked off the morning with an 8 (though I swear to God it felt like 10) mile run with this girl. Lovely Misty was my mentor on TNT, and she's ridiculously fabulous! We hit a pretty route (that I'm embarrassed to say I'd never done!) and caught up on the past few months. It was OH so glorious!
Just about our "turnaround-GU yourself-Becky gets to blow her nose in a tissue and not her sleeve" spot. Come on, runners....don't say you don't do that...

I have a thing for tall buildings that seem to disappear into the fog. I just think it looks so cool! And this area was just really, really pretty (just try not to focus in on that overflowing bag of trash that's set next to the trash can. Oh, H-town, you so classy.).

APPARENTLY there was some race today that I didn't know about!! I was NOT happy to see that I missed out on something, and felt really left out for about 3 minutes. Then I saw a puppy and got over it.

After our run, Misty and I met up with some more fantastic Team members (one of whom, Christa, has a super awesome blog you should totally check out!) at Lake 288 for an open water swim. I decided to see if I had any of my Yankee blood left in me (partly out of curiosity but mostly because I'm too poor to buy a wetsuit) and brave the 63 degree lake water for about a 2100. Turns out, this girls got a little north left in her! Thank YOU, Herring Cove!! Now I just gotta pray that the wind chop on race day doesn't completely annihilate me. I didn't take any pictures of the swim- no one wants to see this in doubled up lifeguard suits, and the lake itself looked really dreary and it had started to rain a bit...and also, I left my phone in the car and was too lazy to walk the 10 yards to go back and get it.

Donnie and I are trying something new this week! Donnie told me that he really wants to eat healthier, and that whatever I would put on a plate (as long as it wasn't fish or mushrooms) he would eat! He's even wanting to bring spinach salads in his lunch!! I'm a proud, proud girl!! This boy was a meat and potatoes boy when I first met him. He has branched out SO much in the past few years, and it makes cooking (when I have the time, energy, and ingredients on hand) so much more fun! This week, we have planned out all of our dinners! We went grocery shopping today and stocked up like whoa on fruits and veggies and are completely prepared for our week of cooking. I'm so excited! (I don't know about you, but if I don't have anything planned for dinner, and I'm not craving anything, I find it real hard to look forward to eating it. And that sucks. I think you should totally be psyched for what's on your plate. When I'm not jazzed for what's on the menu, sometimes I feel like it's a waste of calories...)

And because you OBVIOUSLY wanna know what's going to be on our plates this week:

Monday- Grilled chicken Greek salad with homemade dressing (fresh dill! Yes!)
Tuesday- Burgers on the grill, with roasted tin foil potatoes
Wednesday- Pasta with homemade turkey sausage, broccoli and cheese
Thursday- Grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- fingers crossed for a date night
Sunday- Easter candy. Let's be honest.

I feel so organized! if only my lesson plans could be as organized as my fridge...

What did you do today that made you super happy?

Do you plan out your meals, or do you wing it?

What's your guilty pleasure music?


  1. Good runs are the best :o) And missing out on races always makes me mad, but puppies are fun, too. I plan out our meals for the week every Monday. If I don't have a food game plan for the week, we eat cereal because I'm way too tired to figure out a meal when I get home. Once I got into the habit of planning out meals for the week, it's super easy. Yay for being healthy!

    1. Yeah....we've been eating LOTS of cereal... I hope I can make this a habit!

  2. Those pictures of the buildings are beautiful!!
    We plan out the meals we are eating at home if they aren't gym nights. Gym nights are left overs or a lot of eggs!