Saturday, February 16, 2013

Running wardrobe staple

Happy Saturday! 

It's super beautiful in Houston today, temps started out this morning in the mid 40's and there was NOTHING but sunshine. (Read: PERFECT day for a run!) Normally, when it's too cold to run in just shorts, I'll wear my tights or leggings, and then throw on a pair of shorts over them. I can't bring myself to be "that girl." (You know THAT girl, the one who runs in just her spandex shorts/tights/pants/unitard who...bless her heart...maybe should have worn a longer shirt...or a dress...) A couple of weeks ago when I was in Disney World and drooling all over everything in the expo, I came across this one booth and totally did an impulse buy. One month later, I'm still wearing it regularly...
3 words, kids. Sparkly. Running. Skirt.

At the Disney Marathon expo, I came across the booth for Team Sparkle and was all sortsa hooked on everything I saw. Everything was so bright and sparkly. So I thought, well this is perfect for Disney- add a lil gussy to my marathon ensem? Sure! Character pics are a must, so I might as well try to jazz myself up. Lo and behold, this skirt has gotten much more than just race day use! Lemme tell you why I dig it so much:

1. It's freakin sparkly. Duh.
2. It weighs nothing.
3. It goes with everything. If I could wear it to work, I would.
4. It's the perfect length to cover up your...assets...while wearing your spandex running shorts/tights/pants/unitard without adding annoying bulk, weight, or anything that would ride up. Win!
5. It stays put through your entire run!

So anyway, friends, just had to write you short little note to brag about how my running clothes are cuter than yours this fabulous lil ditty that every lady should add to her arsenal of gym clothes. Because, seriously, when DON'T you need a lil sparkle in your life?
Still going strong after 26.2 miles of magic! (The skirt, I mean...not me...)

Annnnnnd, just because it was so beautiful out, and my run this morning was so enjoyable, I leave you with my "picture from the run:"

What's your favorite thing to run in?

How far did you guys run today??

What's your favorite thing to do in Disney World?
I'm torn between Fantasyland in the MK, Spaceship Earth, or eating around the World Showcase.

....duh. It's eating around the World Showcase. Chocolate crepes, people. Chocolate crepes.


  1. I need a sparkly skirt like that for when I can run again! I used to be "that" girl that ran in too tight spandex with a long shirt, but I'm thinking a sparkly skirt may be the answer to my post-baby run wardrobe problems. favorite thing to do in Disney is hang with you! We need a re-do of spring break 2006.

    1. WE NEED A RE-DO OF SB06 STAT!!!! Remember that time we all went to Disney World??! Too bad someone's damn wedding cut into some serious park time...who does that? (Sorry about that...) AND- you were NEVER that girl! I actually don't think anyone is THAT girl except myself. I don't check out other people and judge....unless they look amazing after 10+ miles of running in just a sports bra. Then I hate them.

  2. Hahahaha I love your blog title!!! I am also a Becky! And I love running too! I am doing a half marathon in April! My dream is to do the Disney marathon someday!!

    1. Becky's ONLY the greatest name everrrr! Good luck on your half!! You should TOTALLY do Disney someday. They're soooooo fun!! And their swag is pretty good, too.

  3. that skirt is balla. disney looks so fun!!

    1. It IS so fun!!! Next year you should do it!!! Registration usually opens in April.