Sunday, February 3, 2013

NOLA weekend 2k13

I think it's safe to say that, a full seven days after the fact, I have FINALLY recovered from New Orleans.
Screw you, Bourbon Street, and your establishments that neither close nor have clocks..

This weeklong recovery should not lead you to believe that I went on some sort of crazy bender like I would have in college (um, no last call AND you can take your drinks to go?! It was like some sort of lost, drunken, dirty, streets-filled-with-piss paradise that would have made my inner 21....or 19... year old self very happy). However, I am no longer 21...or 19. And this weekend clearly proved to me that I, indeed, cannot hang. At all. 

However I entered this weekend knowing full well that I can really only hang with the likes of 70+ year olds (I like to eat early and be in bed by 9) so I paced myself and was really only severely injured from sleep deprivation, and not a hangover the size of Minnesota. It's the little victories in life we can celebrate..

Let's back up- the purpose of this over night stay that felt like a 3 week long bottomless hurricane was to celebrate my badass sister in law as she embarked on her last big weekend as a single lady!
This picture doesn't do her justice. Not only is she tall and gorgeous and can sport heels that make me wobbly just looking at them, but her cosmo also matched her earrings perfectly.

I will not go into detail about our evening/morning (what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA), but I will highly recommend 2 must do's that don't (necessarily) involve boozin. Number 1- The Ghost Tour. This tour wasn't only a ghost tour, it was more like a mile (though our guide said we only went maybe a quarter of a mile- I call shenanigans. My inner runner knows what a loop around the track feels like, and this was longer..) long jaunt through the oldest part of the city where a pirate tells you all sorts of stories and history about the area and the very places we were standing.

This is one of the 3 original old buildings that is still standing in NOLA. Built in the 1700's, it withstood fires and, of course, floods.  The story about this building is that a young girl, about 16, moved here with her husband, a military high up, from France with their newborn. Hubs gets shipped off to fight, never comes back, and occasionally you can see the young girl holding her baby and looking off into the distance, searching for her love. But, unfortunately, all I saw was a green house. This building is now a museum- you should check it out!

This is Lafitte's. It is the longest standing bar in America. Is it the oldest building in America? No- but it is the winner of the building that has been serving alcohol for the longest time. (Yes, beating Boston and Philly. Their buildings are old, but haven't necessarily been serving as a bar for all those years.) Even during the prohibition, when Lafitte's turned into an Automotive shop...(you know, without a garage or customers bringing in any cars) it's still rumored that they were serving. Lafitte's was referred to as a haunted pirate bar. (And I'm pretty sure our tour guide, the pirate, would know). This was a real badass place to go- in it's hey day it's regulars included pirates, gangsters, and other high class citizens of the city. 

And finally, the piece de resistance- dinner at Emeril's. Bam. Probably one of the ritziest restaurants I've been too (the kind where they put the napkin in your lap for you.... craaaazy!), the seven of us ladies, all glammed up and quite a few in surely fit in.... We started off with a round of champagne to toast the bride-to-be, and indulged in the calamari appetizer and something with sausage...I was too busy with the calamari to notice anything or anyone else. It was to die for. Then- the main course. I chose the fettucini nero- it was urchin fettucini, with shrimp, mussels, sweet corn, tomatoes and spinach in this outta control sauce. Ho man. It was crazy! Then- dessert. We lied and said it was Katie's birthday, since the table next to us was celebrating and got a honkin piece of chocolate cake that looked to.die.for. However, I think our servers were on to our drunken game, and they brought Katie a tiny bowl of sorbet instead. It was still fabulous, though! (One not-fabulous thing about Emeril's- the server, upon our request for a round of champagne, didn't offer us bottles, we didn't think to ask for a bottle, and a single glass was $20. ....I can get 4 bottles for that price, thanks a heap, Emeril.)

All in all, not a bad weekend to be had. Everyone came out alive. Only one of us threw up (I think). And no one lost anything valuable. I'll call it a NOLA win!

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