Sunday, May 5, 2013

My favorite meme, and the trio

Guys. My most favorite day of the year went down this week. Tuesday, to be exact. Tuesday marks the day that I get to use my Most. Favorite. Meme. Ever. (And if you happen to be one of the contacts in my phone, you'll know I like memes a lotttt).
(Hehehehehe! Don't get it? Say it out loud.... Still don't get it? We probably shouldn't be friends)

Confession alert: I used to love *NSYNC. (See? I even used the star instead of an apostrophe, and all of the letters remain capitalized. Respect.) It was pretty bad. Once I went out of town for the weekend when I was in high school younger and I came home to find that my parents had taken every. last. one. of my posters, magazine cut outs, and random *NSYNC shit down off my walls, and had completely repainted it. It was like coming home to a generic hotel room. At the time, I was mad, sad, hurt, confused. But now I know they did it for my own good. (Thanks, mom and dad, for always having my best intention at heart. And for knowing that if I continued to bring friends over to hang out they'd want nothing to do with me after seeing my damn bedroom, and I'd wind up friendless and alone and, yes, without *NSYNC because, you were right, they didn't have the staying power of the Beatles..)

May is my birthday month. We won't talk about how old I'll actually be turning. At least it's not 30. On Friday, we decided to celebrate my birthday a little early! (Ok, just kidding. We would have gone to see them even if it wasn't my birthday because we. love. them.)

I love Alkaline Trio. LOVE. They. Are. My. Fave. If you haven't ever heard them, you should look into them. Start with Goddamnit. Or Maybe I'll Catch Fire. Those are my FAAAAAVES. Ugh. They're so good! If you like them, you should then listen to The Emergency Room. (I love me some Dan Adriano, something unhealthy!) 

Donnie is the mack daddy of meeting bands and celebs (speaking of mack daddy, rest in peace Mac Daddy). I don't know how he does it. Man's like magic. Matt Skiba, the guitarist and lead singer, said at the show that he'd be spinnin' over at da club across the street after the show, so we decided to go over and wait for him (obv in hopes of meeting him, even though Donnie's already met him like 3 times....lucky duck). So we went next door. And I got some beers. And we waited. And waited. And waited. And finally, I didn't want to drink beers anymore (my tolerance isn't what it used to be folks, and quite frankly, I get freakin' full). It was getting late so we decided to leave. 2 good reasons we did: 1- we went outside and Skiba's bike wasn't even there anymore (read: Skiba has left the building.). 2- AND THEN WE RAN INTO THIS GUY!!!!!!!
Dan. MF. Adriano. (Clearly, one of us is slightly more excited than the other. Poor guy.)

Ugh. I can usually talk to anyone. ANYONE. I could probably befriend a trash bag. But after a long night of drinking beer, my conversational skills were, let's just say, lacking. So many things I should have said. So many WITTY things I could have said. But instead I went with "I think you're really wonderful." ...heyyyy, creep alert. I've been ashamed all weekend. At least I shook his hand, and his arm is definitely on the small of my back. Maybe even my butt- you really can't tell from this picture and that would totally make a better story. Dan Adriano touched my butt. I'm goin with it.

Other "quick news" on the home front: Donnie and I bought a house! 
Please pardon the terrible quality. I had to screen shot from the realty website. I've been going through a real funk where I'm not taking pictures actual. It's bad.

In less than two weeks, the house was put on the market, we went, we loved, we offered, they countered, we accepted, they signed, we inspected, and we're slated to move the first of June. Holy. Smokes. It's cool, timing. The end of the school year is totally not chaotic as it is or anything, so I absolutely have time to pack up my house and finish redoing the kitchen (that I started over a year ago....). But we'll get it done, and we're so excited to turn this house into our home!!!

I'm gonna go get my Sunday morning run on, but here's a picture to leave you with. Hopefully it makes your heart feel at least half as warm as it makes mine feel.

Is anyone else good at talking to celebrities?
- I suck.

How far was your long run this weekend?

Any other Taurus' out there? Happy birthday!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

For Boston, and my wardrobe this week

I'm still left speechless and angry and sad about Monday's happenings, so I'm choosing not to really talk about it. I'd just start babbling like an idiot, and that's not anything anyone wants to read. Instead, I want to share this clip from one of my favorite people alive. I love 99.999% of everything that comes out of Stephen Colbert's mouth. Pure comedic genius.

I shared with my principal, and fellow marathon runner, on Monday night that I was going to wear a race shirt to work the following day to honor Boston, and that he should too. (I don't think he gets on Facebook too often so I wasn't sure how on earth he'd find out!) Not only did he wear a race shirt (OVER his dress shirt) on Tuesday, he wore another one today. He then informed me that he was going to wear one every day this week. Give props to Boston AND dress down for the rest of the week? Don't mind if I do!

Yesterday I wore my Houston marathon shirt. Tomorrow I think I'll wear a Disney. Friday, perhaps San Antonio. (Today was a dress since I didn't get the memo that he'd be fine with me wearing race shirts all week. What a loss.)

I'm totally bummed that I've been feeling really crappy- not because I've been feeling crappy, but because I haven't gotten to run for Boston yet. I'm hoping to get out there this weekend at the latest! I hope you all were able run and reflect this week!

I've been singing this song all week. You should too. They make me think of high school and home. Love me some Murphys!

Did you wear a race shirt this week? 

Anyone have a good workout this week? 
--I'll need to live vicariously through y'all :)

What bands make you reminisce or think of home?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday smiles and a day with Donnie

Happy Sunday-Funday-Runday!

It's cloudy, humid and HOT in Houston today (well, I'm hot anyway...but I think I'm a bit sick, so perhaps it's only hot to me). Since Donnie was SUCH a champ last weekend and went with me to Galveston and waited around for me for HOURS to finish my half ironman (and got just as sunburnt as I did, poor guy) I told him that Sunday would be his day, and I'd do whatever he wanted. And then I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a freight train, so I've been a real stick in the mud all day. (Sorry, my love! I'll make it up to you!)

Yesterday, on the other hand, was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Houston! I called up my girl, Misty, and we met at Starbucks to start our run. (My favorite things: coffee and running!)
I'm such a sucker for the Houston skyline... Alright, any skyline, really..

We tried to get the awesome city in the background, but instead just got the sunshine. This girl is one of my FAVES to run with. ...and one of my faves in general :)

In my opinion, a good run route has numerous photo ops.

One sad thing did happen on our run though- I ripped my Lulu shorts. Sad, sad day. They're still wearable though. (And I did not take a picture, because it was a little too close to my backside and I didn't think anyone needed to see a picture of THAT.) I have, however, been thinking lately of switching to Athleta. Their yoga stuff is pretty drool worthy! (Not only am I a sucker for a skyline, I'm also a HUGE sucker for expensive work out apparel...)

After our run, I wandered aimlessly around Babies R Us for a while (maybe it's just the store I went to, but there was NO organization to their layout and it gets us non-parents really confused!! Am I right?!), bought far more than I needed at Target, and then headed to this FABULOUS high rise (anytime I go somewhere with valet I feel uber ritzy) to celebrate this lovely lady and her bambino number 2!
So wonderful to be reunited with these lovely ladies again!! 

Of course, the food was amazing (I would have taken a picture, but I couldn't hold myself back long enough before digging in). And there was fabulous cake. There is nothing better than sugar and carbs all on one plate. Once again, Miss No-Self-Control over here couldn't keep it together long enough to take a picture of that either. Sorry, gang. All you really need to know is that it was delish. And if you want to know the way to my heart- it's cake. And expensive running outfits.

Happy Sunday! For the rest of the day, I'm at Donnie's mercy- which means we'll probably watch whatever movies he wants, take naps, and snuggle. I don't hate it.

What's your brand of choice for work-out ensems? Any Lulu AND Athleta wearers out there? What's your preference?

What are you a major sucker for?

cake, skylines, puppies, cute clothes..

What's on your favorite run route?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crossing another one off the bucket list...

So this past weekend I competed in completed my very first half ironman. Woop! Shocker- it was WAY more fun than I thought it would be!! Despite the fact that I did the 56 mile ride on this.....
The WHOLE ride totally sucked. I thought maybe I was just being dramatic- but then I realized I was getting mad props from people as they whizzed past me on their fancy tri bikes ("Damn, Becky, you're a BEAST on that bike!" Thank you, speed racer on the bike that costs more than my car. Next time I will strive to be more like you) (Read: I'm going to light this bike on fire, make some awesome s'mores in the burning carnage, and buy myself a tri bike. STAT.)

I always seem to forget how ridiculous it is packing for a tri versus a marathon.. Swim cap, goggles, wetsuit, flip flops, helmet, bike shorts, shirt, socks and sneakers, shades, body glide (so clutch!), water bottles, sunscreen, compression socks...all of which needs to fit on a towel the size of a shoe box. It's like playing tetris. But I'm not good at tetris, so everything winds up in a pile on my towel next to my bike, and my transitions take 5 minutes because I can't get organized.

Not to mention the FUEL!

The swim was (sorry, fellow triathletes who hate the swim) amazing! I had debated for a few weeks on not wearing a wetsuit (65 degree temps...that's like a really good day at HCB...I don't need a wetsuit...). The day before I left for Galveston I invested in one. By. Far. The. Best. Purchase. EVER. Man! That thing made me feel like I was flying on top of the water! I'll always be a swimmer- so that first little part of a tri will ALWAYS be my favorite! (The rest of the tri, however, is usually another story.)
Bonus! I got a "free" cap! 

The run following the ride on my Franken-hybrid-bike (made up of all sorts of random parts) was pretty rough. I can't clip in to my bike, so the spiky pedals dug into the bottoms of my feet for 56 miles. As soon as I hit the pavement to start running, the bottoms of my feet started burning like nothing else I'd ever felt before. On top of that, it was noon, so the pavement was hot by then. I felt like my socks were lined with hot sandpaper for the whole 13.1. I've had better.
It may look like I'm running, but it's only because I saw Donnie and his mom. As soon as I was past them, I started hobbling again.

Donnie and his mom came out to cheer me on for the run portion on Sunday. (Slash- maybe I begged Donnie to come out and cheer for me because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it if I didn't have him there for me at the end. What a sport, right?!) They were SUCH champs! The sun was relentless, and we all left Galveston with ri-dic-u-lous sunburns. I have the best family!
And FRIENDS! These ladies MADE ME SIGNS!! I've never gotten a sign before!!! They made me feel SOOOO special!! Love! Another friend from work (not shown in the picture above) came too- for the WHOLE weekend!! I've got the best support system!

Not to mention my parents sending me these!! I know if they were closer they would have "loved" to come out and support me in the hot sun for 7 hours. Lucky for them, they're in NH :) They sent me these fabulous flowers at work to let me know they'd be rootin' for me every step of the way. (Awwww!)

The reason.

So despite a terrible ride, a sandpaper-sock run, and lots of heat and humidity, I think I may have found my distance....once I get a good bike, that is. I surely never wanna do another one of these on a hybrid. I also feel like, since there's only one big daddy race left that I haven't gotten to yet, perhaps...perhaps...I'm going to add a full Ironman to my bucket list. We shall see...(you next May, Ironman Texas.)

Happy Hump Day!

What type of crazy race do you want to add to your bucket list?

What part of a triathlon freaks you out the most?
-the bike. For sure.

What's the best sign you've ever seen at a race?
-I still like "Worst Parade Ever."

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello old friend, it's really good to see you once again, and an attempt at planned meals

For the past few months I've been doing the majority of my runs solo. I actually kinda like it- I can push myself to the out of breath stage if I want to and not have to worry about carrying on intelligent conversation (not like I'm real profound when I'm not out of breath..), I can listen to my terrible music as loud as my eardrums can handle (there's something about Forever your Girl and I Wanna Dance With Somebody that gets my ass going! ....and my mouth probably singing out loud, off key, and publicly...not to mention the hand dancing), and when my slow self needs to walk I don't have to feel like I'm slowing someone else down.

But this morning, I had some fantastic company! Since the 70.3 is coming up in a couple weeks (!!!!!!) the brick workouts are in full effect. I met up with some old TNT friends, and sweat it out for a good few hours.
I kicked off the morning with an 8 (though I swear to God it felt like 10) mile run with this girl. Lovely Misty was my mentor on TNT, and she's ridiculously fabulous! We hit a pretty route (that I'm embarrassed to say I'd never done!) and caught up on the past few months. It was OH so glorious!
Just about our "turnaround-GU yourself-Becky gets to blow her nose in a tissue and not her sleeve" spot. Come on, runners....don't say you don't do that...

I have a thing for tall buildings that seem to disappear into the fog. I just think it looks so cool! And this area was just really, really pretty (just try not to focus in on that overflowing bag of trash that's set next to the trash can. Oh, H-town, you so classy.).

APPARENTLY there was some race today that I didn't know about!! I was NOT happy to see that I missed out on something, and felt really left out for about 3 minutes. Then I saw a puppy and got over it.

After our run, Misty and I met up with some more fantastic Team members (one of whom, Christa, has a super awesome blog you should totally check out!) at Lake 288 for an open water swim. I decided to see if I had any of my Yankee blood left in me (partly out of curiosity but mostly because I'm too poor to buy a wetsuit) and brave the 63 degree lake water for about a 2100. Turns out, this girls got a little north left in her! Thank YOU, Herring Cove!! Now I just gotta pray that the wind chop on race day doesn't completely annihilate me. I didn't take any pictures of the swim- no one wants to see this in doubled up lifeguard suits, and the lake itself looked really dreary and it had started to rain a bit...and also, I left my phone in the car and was too lazy to walk the 10 yards to go back and get it.

Donnie and I are trying something new this week! Donnie told me that he really wants to eat healthier, and that whatever I would put on a plate (as long as it wasn't fish or mushrooms) he would eat! He's even wanting to bring spinach salads in his lunch!! I'm a proud, proud girl!! This boy was a meat and potatoes boy when I first met him. He has branched out SO much in the past few years, and it makes cooking (when I have the time, energy, and ingredients on hand) so much more fun! This week, we have planned out all of our dinners! We went grocery shopping today and stocked up like whoa on fruits and veggies and are completely prepared for our week of cooking. I'm so excited! (I don't know about you, but if I don't have anything planned for dinner, and I'm not craving anything, I find it real hard to look forward to eating it. And that sucks. I think you should totally be psyched for what's on your plate. When I'm not jazzed for what's on the menu, sometimes I feel like it's a waste of calories...)

And because you OBVIOUSLY wanna know what's going to be on our plates this week:

Monday- Grilled chicken Greek salad with homemade dressing (fresh dill! Yes!)
Tuesday- Burgers on the grill, with roasted tin foil potatoes
Wednesday- Pasta with homemade turkey sausage, broccoli and cheese
Thursday- Grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- fingers crossed for a date night
Sunday- Easter candy. Let's be honest.

I feel so organized! if only my lesson plans could be as organized as my fridge...

What did you do today that made you super happy?

Do you plan out your meals, or do you wing it?

What's your guilty pleasure music?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My sister in law got married, and a photographic journey!

To really end spring break with a bang, my sister ( law...moot point) decided to have her whizbanger of a wedding in one of my most favorite places! (No, not Disney World. That's already been done for this family...I win!) Austin. Freaking. Texas. Not ONLY did she have it in like the coolest city in the whole state. She had Salt Lick BBQ cater the reception. (She's pretty badass!)

But I'm totally getting ahead of myself. Let's take a photographic journey through my final few moments of freedom and sanity Spring Break 2k13.

Kris and Rita came to visit!!!

Are my parents NOT cute as buttons?! They came down for the rodeo wedding, which just so happened to be during rodeo season. Those Yankees love them some rodeo! They were lucky enough to catch one of the last days for this year (and I was lucky enough to catch yet another fantastic round of Mutton Bustin'. If only I was a kid....I'd be all over that sheep... and sweet ass belt buckle...)

Friday at about 9 am we hit the road for Austin. Friday at about 11:45 am we hit up Homeslice Pizza. Never been? Well, if you're a Texan, than shame on you. This is the best damn pizza you'll ever have in your life. And I'm a pizza brat who also worked at a pizza joint. So. Obviously my pizza opinions are legit as hell. (Try the eggplant pie- you won't be disappointed!)

Saturday was WEDDING DAY!!! Since I had to share a borderline twin size bed Friday night with a fellow bridesmaid with whom I felt I could not back my ass up on (sorry, Ashley), I woke up almost every hour. When it was just about daylight, I strapped on my Nike Frees and set out for a sunrise run and some hill work. Little did I know how rockin' Lakeway Texas is on a beautiful Saturday morning...
These guys totally let me gawk all over them, taking pictures and grinning at them like an idiot while they stared me down and ate grass. They got bored with me after a few minutes and frolicked off into the woods together. But on my return trip, I found them playing in the street (ballsy lil' dudes), and gawked and grinned at them all over again. I love nature. I also came thisclose with the fattest, prettiest robin I have ever seen. And I also smelled a skunk- I was cool not meeting up with him in person.
This picture doesn't really do this hill any justice. This bad larry was one of the biggest hills on the route. Took this shot after I had "sprinted" up, while I was walking around trying to get the spots out of my eyes and my heart rate out of the "look out she's gonna blow" level. The coast down felt fantastic!

Once the sun came up, this is what we were dealing with for wedding day. Sucks, doesn't it? (PS- if you're looking for a real dive to stay in, check out the Lakeway. Infiniti pools over looking the lake, hot tub, swim up bar, and towels that you can easily steal 7 of without anyone batting an eye.) They also had really good fruit at their buffet, as well as a parfait station. Breakfast buffet win!

While the ladies dined, Donnie and cousin Justin shared brunch, sipped on chocolate milks, and enjoyed the view. (Look at them, flashin' those wedding rings. Back off, boys and girls, they're married!)

We got all wedding ready with a couple minutes to spare for some sweet photo ops complete with scenic backdrop! Didn't Katie do just the greatest job picking out our dresses AND finding us something we'd LEGIT wear again?! Francesca's and Katie for the win!!
Good grief, is my mom not just the cutest?! Love that woman to PIECES!!!! She even helped set up for the wedding! What a champion!!
2 more beauties! My beautiful sister and mother-in-law! Calm, cool, collected as ever, and looking absolutely gorgeous!! (This picture really doesn't do either one of them justice. They are SO pretty!!)
Playing with my fellow ladies and my fish eye. Let's count how many chins of mine you can see? THOSE girls were super fun!! (And I'm lucky enough to be "related" to 2 of them! Donnie's family is ridiculously fantastic!)
Post Ceremony! She's hitched, fellas!! Gorgeous as ever, but holy bustle- it totally took 5 of us to bustle her up....and that was before anyone had any cocktails! Maggie Sottero ain't nothin to mess with.

Me, my love, and some more fish eye fun. He was a groomsman, so we looked ESPECIALLY put together and matchy matchy that night. Made for some sweet photogs!!

And alas, as most good things do, spring break came to an end, our trip to Austin ended in a sad, quiet, mildly hungover trip back to Houston, and we bid farewell to my parents and shipped them back to NH.
I'm my dad's daughter for sure. 

And one last gem to end this post with:

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

(half) Ironman training and Memaw's birthday!!

Happy Spring break, fellow teachers!!

The Galveston Half Iron Man (also known as IMTX) is a MERE 4 weeks away! And since I had been without a bike since, ohhh, October... that means it's been training crunch time over here! So on Friday, as soon as I got outta work, I went straight to the gym and got in a good couple miles in the pool. It was no open water swim in the gulf, but for now it's going to have to do. Saturday morning, I donned my spring-iest apparel and headed to Memorial park to do my most favorite run route ever!
New Lulu shorts and my FAVE compression sleeves. Add in the clover run and that makes for one happy girl on the first day of spring break!

On top of it being the first day of spring break (which of course is a recognized holiday on my calendar), it was also Memaw's birthday!!!!!
Feliz cumpleanos, memaw!! We love you!!!

Memaw is Donnie's grandmother, and she has so graciously taken on about a million of her grandchildren's boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives as her own family. She is probably THE most badassest person I have ever met. 75 years young and she can't stop won't stop! Truly inspirational. I hope I have her energy and drive when I'm in my 30's, let alone my 70's. To celebrate Meems, we surprised her at Pappasitos (for all you non-Texans, that's some top notch Mexican food, and I feel sorry for you if you've never imbibed) for a late lunch of pretty much all you can eat fajitas (and they kept the guac and fresh tortillas coming!!) and queso (!!!!!!). Later on, we all went to the horse track. (Yup. We're that kinda family. For Donnie's 30th, the whole family went gambling at the casino in Louisiana.) In addition to the typical horse races, last night they were featuring camel and ostrich races!! My favorite kinda races!!!
We were so happy to be back at the track! However, for some reason I had never noticed until last night that the jockeys actually still whip the horses. (Apparently I thought that went out the window back when slavery was abolished.) This made me very very sad. My inner desire to be an animal rights activist shone through, and I decided to take my betting money and just drink cheap beer instead. Too bad cheap beer is only on Friday nights....I wound up $15 in the hole....and when you're buyin' drinks, there's no chance of breaking even. BUT- the camel and ostrich races were fantastic, and they don't get beat up, so it doesn't hurt my heart so much. Although I'm pretty sure the ostriches did not want to be paraded around, and the camels seemed far less than thrilled to have people riding on them while they were trying to run. I wish I had some pictures of these races but, of course, I was hungry and went on a mission for food right when the ostrich races were starting so I had to watch them from the middle of the pizza line. ....and then I went back to my seat before I could even get pizza because I was too nervous I'd miss the camels too! Thanks, cousin Brian and Matt, for waiting in line for over an hour and hookin' a girl up!!

This morning's weather was crappy so I had to forfeit my ride outside for a lengthy spin on the spin bike at the gym. 47 miles in a room where the AC was out. It did NOT feel so good. But I finished in pretty good time, and even ran a nice 3 miles afterwards that felt surprisingly good!

And then it was my favorite part of hard work outs- foam rolling time!!! I sang John Mellencamp in my head the whole time I rolled this morning to Max and Lady (Donnie wasn't home so he missed a good serenading). They didn't know what to think. But man, oh man, did it feel fantastic today!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, whether you have a vacation or not!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Running wardrobe staple

Happy Saturday! 

It's super beautiful in Houston today, temps started out this morning in the mid 40's and there was NOTHING but sunshine. (Read: PERFECT day for a run!) Normally, when it's too cold to run in just shorts, I'll wear my tights or leggings, and then throw on a pair of shorts over them. I can't bring myself to be "that girl." (You know THAT girl, the one who runs in just her spandex shorts/tights/pants/unitard who...bless her heart...maybe should have worn a longer shirt...or a dress...) A couple of weeks ago when I was in Disney World and drooling all over everything in the expo, I came across this one booth and totally did an impulse buy. One month later, I'm still wearing it regularly...
3 words, kids. Sparkly. Running. Skirt.

At the Disney Marathon expo, I came across the booth for Team Sparkle and was all sortsa hooked on everything I saw. Everything was so bright and sparkly. So I thought, well this is perfect for Disney- add a lil gussy to my marathon ensem? Sure! Character pics are a must, so I might as well try to jazz myself up. Lo and behold, this skirt has gotten much more than just race day use! Lemme tell you why I dig it so much:

1. It's freakin sparkly. Duh.
2. It weighs nothing.
3. It goes with everything. If I could wear it to work, I would.
4. It's the perfect length to cover up your...assets...while wearing your spandex running shorts/tights/pants/unitard without adding annoying bulk, weight, or anything that would ride up. Win!
5. It stays put through your entire run!

So anyway, friends, just had to write you short little note to brag about how my running clothes are cuter than yours this fabulous lil ditty that every lady should add to her arsenal of gym clothes. Because, seriously, when DON'T you need a lil sparkle in your life?
Still going strong after 26.2 miles of magic! (The skirt, I mean...not me...)

Annnnnnd, just because it was so beautiful out, and my run this morning was so enjoyable, I leave you with my "picture from the run:"

What's your favorite thing to run in?

How far did you guys run today??

What's your favorite thing to do in Disney World?
I'm torn between Fantasyland in the MK, Spaceship Earth, or eating around the World Showcase.

....duh. It's eating around the World Showcase. Chocolate crepes, people. Chocolate crepes.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Funday for sure!

2 postings in one day! Holy cannoli!

Today was just too fabulous not to write about. At least it was to me. So I will list for y'all, in chronological order, everything wonderful that my day was comprised of:

1- A big bowl of this!

Man, I wish the box still looked this awesome.
I've never actually had any Life that was not cinnamon. I hear the original isn't really very sweet. Sooooo, what's the point of that?

2- It was a beautiful day outside- the kind that lasts well into the morning. So at around 10 this morning, I set out for my run at the park. I was only going to do 2 laps (I told Donnie I'd stay on the track....) but after a mile I was itchinnnnnng to venture off. And since it was a beautiful day, every trail was packed, so I justified my venturing out since I would not be alone somewhere (which is what Donnie worries about). My plan to do a little 5-6 miler quickly turned into 10 with some random hill work thrown in at the turnaround spot. I like doing hill work because at the tops of hills (read: overpasses) I can catch a shot like this:
Sometimes I hate the city. But on days like today, it redeems itself.

3- After a wonderful run, I went straight to Trader Joe's where I stocked up on FABULOUS eats for this week!!  You can now find in my fridge:
This stuff is like crack. CRACK. Enjoy it with multigrain pita chips, or broccoli florets, or snap peas. Oh yum.

I'm not sure what my favorite part of this trek mix is. ...Powerberries. It's the powerberries. Don't know what a powerberry is? Get yo'self to a TJ's stat! You can find them in the mix, or, if you know the right place to look, you can get a bag of just the straight berries. Dangerous!

I also have a pretty significant addiction to their Greek yogurt. And at about $1 a carton, you can't go wrong!

And this beauty. This beauty was in my fridge. Now it's on its way to my hips and thighs.

4- I did all my laundry! I won't take a picture of it, because it's not folded. But even though it's not folded (and let's face's probably not going to get folded for another 2 days....I've had a busy Sunday!), it's still clean and that's all that matters in the end.

5- Donnie took the dogs for a stroll with me this evening. This is always quite an undertaking because Lady is ridiculous on a leash, and Max feels the need to pee on every other bush, tree, and hydrant we pass. But today Lady didn't go too nuts until the end...or anytime we passed a feral cat (she shows no interest in Dinah, but when we're out in public she acts like she's bred to kill). Max did throw me off at some point when he lifted his non-usual leg (read: I was in the line of fire. Good thing I was on my a-game...and there were no cars coming as I lept out into the street), but other than that, the four of us remained pretty well behaved.

6- My lesson plans are finished, as well as my manicure. Bring it on, Monday.

NOLA weekend 2k13

I think it's safe to say that, a full seven days after the fact, I have FINALLY recovered from New Orleans.
Screw you, Bourbon Street, and your establishments that neither close nor have clocks..

This weeklong recovery should not lead you to believe that I went on some sort of crazy bender like I would have in college (um, no last call AND you can take your drinks to go?! It was like some sort of lost, drunken, dirty, streets-filled-with-piss paradise that would have made my inner 21....or 19... year old self very happy). However, I am no longer 21...or 19. And this weekend clearly proved to me that I, indeed, cannot hang. At all. 

However I entered this weekend knowing full well that I can really only hang with the likes of 70+ year olds (I like to eat early and be in bed by 9) so I paced myself and was really only severely injured from sleep deprivation, and not a hangover the size of Minnesota. It's the little victories in life we can celebrate..

Let's back up- the purpose of this over night stay that felt like a 3 week long bottomless hurricane was to celebrate my badass sister in law as she embarked on her last big weekend as a single lady!
This picture doesn't do her justice. Not only is she tall and gorgeous and can sport heels that make me wobbly just looking at them, but her cosmo also matched her earrings perfectly.

I will not go into detail about our evening/morning (what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA), but I will highly recommend 2 must do's that don't (necessarily) involve boozin. Number 1- The Ghost Tour. This tour wasn't only a ghost tour, it was more like a mile (though our guide said we only went maybe a quarter of a mile- I call shenanigans. My inner runner knows what a loop around the track feels like, and this was longer..) long jaunt through the oldest part of the city where a pirate tells you all sorts of stories and history about the area and the very places we were standing.

This is one of the 3 original old buildings that is still standing in NOLA. Built in the 1700's, it withstood fires and, of course, floods.  The story about this building is that a young girl, about 16, moved here with her husband, a military high up, from France with their newborn. Hubs gets shipped off to fight, never comes back, and occasionally you can see the young girl holding her baby and looking off into the distance, searching for her love. But, unfortunately, all I saw was a green house. This building is now a museum- you should check it out!

This is Lafitte's. It is the longest standing bar in America. Is it the oldest building in America? No- but it is the winner of the building that has been serving alcohol for the longest time. (Yes, beating Boston and Philly. Their buildings are old, but haven't necessarily been serving as a bar for all those years.) Even during the prohibition, when Lafitte's turned into an Automotive shop...(you know, without a garage or customers bringing in any cars) it's still rumored that they were serving. Lafitte's was referred to as a haunted pirate bar. (And I'm pretty sure our tour guide, the pirate, would know). This was a real badass place to go- in it's hey day it's regulars included pirates, gangsters, and other high class citizens of the city. 

And finally, the piece de resistance- dinner at Emeril's. Bam. Probably one of the ritziest restaurants I've been too (the kind where they put the napkin in your lap for you.... craaaazy!), the seven of us ladies, all glammed up and quite a few in surely fit in.... We started off with a round of champagne to toast the bride-to-be, and indulged in the calamari appetizer and something with sausage...I was too busy with the calamari to notice anything or anyone else. It was to die for. Then- the main course. I chose the fettucini nero- it was urchin fettucini, with shrimp, mussels, sweet corn, tomatoes and spinach in this outta control sauce. Ho man. It was crazy! Then- dessert. We lied and said it was Katie's birthday, since the table next to us was celebrating and got a honkin piece of chocolate cake that looked to.die.for. However, I think our servers were on to our drunken game, and they brought Katie a tiny bowl of sorbet instead. It was still fabulous, though! (One not-fabulous thing about Emeril's- the server, upon our request for a round of champagne, didn't offer us bottles, we didn't think to ask for a bottle, and a single glass was $20. ....I can get 4 bottles for that price, thanks a heap, Emeril.)

All in all, not a bad weekend to be had. Everyone came out alive. Only one of us threw up (I think). And no one lost anything valuable. I'll call it a NOLA win!