Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Round here..

As is rather apparent due to my 2+ month hiatus of blogging, things have been a little bonkers lately. BUT it seems to be slowing down....or maybe I'm doing something wrong...? Here's a little recap of my life as of the past few months...

1) I went to New England with my dear sweet love and was reunited with my fabulous parents and my UHmazing friends whom I miss so dearly!!! While in New England, our list of adventures included but was not limited to:
A- Donnie, my mom, my dad and myself spent a day in the beautiful mountains of NH.....
We went to The Flume Gorge, where we gawked and hiked over waterfalls, and Rita found a big leaf...
We visited to top of Cannon Mountain, where Donnie proceeded to give me heart attacks by walking right along the edge of ledges....
Donnie and my dad bonded..

B- The 4 of us visited Salem, MA and learned more about the witch trials. ...and by "learn more about the witch trials," I mean we walked around the town, which has completely commercialized witches, trials, and anything that could possibly be related, and watched a couple of hoakey reenactments of witch hunts, witch trials, and witchy shenanigans.
But the beach was really pretty...

C- I was reunited with this gem- to which we celebrated our togetherness by making tutus, color running, mustache wearing, and binge eating junk food all the while.. Miss her!

Making tutus makes us pretty

There's no wrong time for a snack for two... Yes, we were well aware that we looked like a couple. Wasn't the first time, probably won't be the last..

Pre- Color Run ("Look at all the white people!.........")

Post- Color Run ("Look at all the colored people...ohhh.....")

I mustache you a question...but I'll shave it for later..

D- I went to Cape Cod. Wellfleet, Eastham and P-Town, hell yes! I thought I was doing ok spending the summer in hot, concrete Houston. And then, I came here.....
My old roommate Pat, and the whole gang at Cooke house, was kind enough to let me crash with them and invade various bedrooms throughout the house for a few days. Pat made me an espresso every morning. Out there, on the other side of that house, is the Atlantic. We could whale watch while eating breakfast from our table. You know what I can watch from my living room here in Houston? The heron, that has mistaken my backyard for a swampy wetland. Cape Cod- 1, Houston- zip.
It was a cloudy and blustery few days on the beach, so I figured it would be acceptable for me to jump up on the stand and guard in my street clothes...and anchor bikini. It's ok, I'm a lifeguard. (And, quite frankly, I would have done it if it was sunny out, too. Pullin' the GS-6 card whenever I can!) For some reason, whenever I was sitting in my street clothes with my old loves (ahem, exhibit a- KELSEY!!!!), patrons would direct their questions at me. I think it's a sign that I belong on the beach..
Being reunited with this girl is like walking into a surprise party....and then staying there for 30 years. made sense when we took this picture.... Mattie Fowler, you are a class act. A lady, and a scholar.

Go here. STAT. Clearly I quickly learned I was indeed NOT ok in Houston..

E- My flight got delayed, then delayed again, and then cancelled. That's what I get for scheduling a late evening flight in the middle of ...thunderstorm season?
I'm frowning because I'm only assuming my luggage is getting rain soaked sitting out in the rain for the second time this trip. Assumption confirmed 24 hours, 2 ruined textbooks and wet suitcase full of mildew smelling clothes later...

2- I made it back to Houston eventually, and the whirlwind commenced. Three different job offers, 3 certification exams, 2 interviews and a disastrously organized paperwork filled office later and it's official........

I am officially hired on as the Special Education Resource teacher at an elementary school. I have the best kiddos ever, and my new school is off the chain! (The other day, my principal gave me a key chain just for being the first person he met in the hallway that day.... NUTS!!) (In the off chance you can see the bags under my eyes in this picture, please be aware that I had just finished up 3 weeks of ridiculous stress (and perhaps some over ambitious wine consumption to help offset said stress...) I don't normally look like someone has smashed me in the face with a burlap sack full of rocks...I don't think...

3- One of the finest ladies I know, with one of the best kids I know, told me that whenever I wanted to take her kiddo for the day I was welcome to. Well. Now that he's not my student anymore, I'm totally posting this picture on my blog. He is the sweetest, cutest, most fantastic and fun little boy you will EVER meet! My heart aches not having him as a huge part of my day anymore, but I know his new school is fantastic for him. And his mom is SUPER at keeping me in the loop!! Such a wonderful, wonderful family!
Yup. That's love, folks. Look out, Donnie...

4- I joined Team in Training and began training for the Oceanside 70.3 Half Iron Man! That's another post in and of itself. But I will say- it's been SO fantastic so far! The people I've met are absolutely wonderful!
My girls Claudia, Misty and myself after a leisurely 20+ mile ride last weekend. Go Team!

So, needless to say, August was a complete whirlwind. But now that it's over, and I think things are slowing down (and summer is FINALLY nearing an end!!!), I can look back and say it was one giant blessing. So cheers to autumn, folks! May your pumpkin lattes be perfectly mixed, and your mornings be crisp. 


  1. I love you and am so happy I got to spend time with you this summer!! You will be amazing as a teacher!!

    1. I love you!!!! I'm sooo thankful we got to spend time together!! xoxo