Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week at a glance..

It's been a rainy rainy week here in H-Town, the land where dreams come true. While it was a real pain in the ass for the first 4 days, I've decided to embrace it today. (read: try and make me put on real clothes.) The other half is at work, all of my swimming lessons are cancelled, and I've got three more assignments to finish up for the week. And so, without further rambling on, here it is: a photographic journey via my instagram through the last 4 days of my life. Once again, you are so welcome.

On Saturday, my rad grandmother-in-law, a couple of Donnie's aunts and his cousin Matt and I took a journey up to the Kemah Boardwalk (apparently, the fun doesn't stop at the Kemah boardwalk....) to celebrate Aunt Nancy's birthday. We had decided to eat at this restaurant that provided outdoor seating so that you could "enjoy" your meal while watching the boats coming in and out of the harbor. After about 3 minutes of waiting to "enjoy" these views, we were all covered in so much sweat that sweet Aunt Nancy finally agreed that, yes, maybe we would be more comfortable sitting inside in the air conditioning near a window. (Thank you, Jesus). Anyway, food was good. Company was good. And in Kemah, on the boardwalk there is an area where you can pay a quarter and feed the catfish below. (Yes. You read right. "Feed the catfish." Catfish and dirty brown water. That's how Kemah rolls.) (Kemah also apparently rolls with idiots who don't know how to steer their catamarans and wind up sailing full speed into the outdoor dining area where guests can be found "enjoying" their meals. Aces.)

When I'm home in New Hampshire, one of my favo things to do over the summer is make stops at local farm stands in my town with my mom. I don't think there's anything better than homegrown heirloom tomatoes. I love it when they look like a totally misshapen beach ball with all those lines on them. It's like they're telling you exactly where you need to slice them. (Tomato salad, anyone?! Nom.) But alas, I'm not in New Hampshire (yet!!!!!!!!!). So instead, I took a picture of some "greenhouse" tomatoes in my local H.E.B. Totally not the same- but still pretty. 

Tuesday was laundry day at our house (read: Tuesday was the day that I actually got around to doing the laundry since I'd been putting it off for a couple weeks...and was sick of looking at the pile in my closet...ok, ok, maybe it was outside of my closet too) and of course I waited until right before bed to put the sheets back on. After realizing that we didn't know where Lady was, Donnie conducted a brief search (read: Donnie checked the bed because that's usually where Lady is if she's not trying to weasel her way into your lap on the couch) and found her underneath the recently washed blanket. Clearly, she doesn't see anything wrong with this picture, other than the fact that Donnie obviously woke her up from a perfectly normal and acceptable nap. (Photo cred shout out to Donnie)

As I mentioned, it's been a rainy, rainy week here in Houston. On the Cape, the rain is awesome because it tends to drive away the Griswolds, leaves you with a bangarang nap and work out day, and you still get paid bank for it. Here in H-Town, however, it floods the backyard, drowns my flowers, makes my dogs smell bad, and forces me to cancel my swimming lessons (farewell, income, I miss you so...). 

I spy with my one eye- some wrinkles, shoddy looking eye makeup as a result of swimming and working out (and let's call a spade a spade here- shoddy application), and an iris that appears to show armageddon (but without Ben Affleck or Brucey). I got stuck in some non-moving traffic last night and got really bored, so I decided to take pictures of everything around me that was interesting (..............). 

I sure hope you guys (and by "you guys," I mean the 2 of you who are probably reading this) have found some thrilling things to take pictures of this week! If you don't have an instagram- get it. And then follow me! (beckysoda) Happy Thursday!!

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