Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My girl, Katy told me I needed to link up for some Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday. So here I go...

I don't know how I used to waste so much time before Pinterest. And don't even get me started on the wedding I planned sans Pinterest (it's still kinda tough to think about...)(...that skeleton key board where guests wrote "keys to success," old suitcases for card boxes, and I don't even want to talk about all the photos we DIDN'T take). Hence my most recent pin board, entitled "Too little, too late, Pinterest." My friend had told me a few months ago when it was first starting to get big (to me, anyway) about what a freaking time dump it would be. Had I only known....

BUT- every cloud has a silver lining, and this cloud just found like a heap of silver linings to repin! Perhaps it's the "oodles" of "free time" I have now (read: not having to wait until my bathroom breaks to check all of the fun apps on my phone) that's to be the cause of this recent pincrease. Perhaps it's that I'm now looking at all these recipes and crafts and knowing that I JUST MIGHT have time to make them! ...Or maybe it's because my school work is beginning to get a little old (cue also recent influx in blog posts). Whatever it may be, I have compiled my list of top pins from the last few days to share with you. Because you didn't have to ask. You're welcome.

1) The. Freaking. Keys.
I love skeleton keys. I love rustic looking things. And, while we might not actually take your advice, I sure like reading keys to success. So thanks a heap, Pinterest. Thanks a heap.

2) Recipe for the day: How to make Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade.
While I'm a complete Starbucks addict and will drink probably anything the barista puts in a cup, I am just too frugal (read: cheap) to pay $7 for a caffeinated beverage. (Because that's about how much a trenta beverage other than coffee costs. And my body doesn't respond to caffeine unless I consume a liter of it in about 30 minutes.) However, I am indeed a sucker for their passion tea lemonade. (If you haven't had it, you're probably off your rocker). This recipe is a dead ringer! (Course, it's pretty hard to eff up: passion tea, lemonade, simple syrup- shake well.) It's the most refreshing, perfect summer evening drink! Especially when you add vodka.

3) Ummm, hello curtains??!
Oh hello there, no sew Roman shades. These are made from a tablecloth (tablecloth?!?!) and tension rods, apparently from the Targ. The possibilities I see in my head are endless. AND- think about how cheap easy it'll be to change 'em out?! (Cue hideously tacky seasonal tablecloths to go with my fave holidays! Halloween in August, anyone?! YES!)


Yeah. I don't even own a pair of Tom's. But I'm totally gonna go buy some, wear a freaking hole in them, and then patch 'em up with some ridiculously cute patterned fabric. Thank you, Tom's-wearing-hippies.

For the love of God, someone buy me this outfit. It's gonna look great with my new patchworked Tom's.

6) And for those of you who are not on the "baby wearing a headband with a big fake flower on it"...
....still not on it? Then there's something wrong with you.

7) After years of working on Cape Cod, my Cape Cod bracelets are as much a part of my everyday attire as my [unfortunate] tattoos (and much more pleasant to look at)(damn you, college decisions...) But after years of wear and exposure, they are looking quite worn. My new solution:
Cape Elizabeth bracelets! Not quite so much tarnish, cute, and still pays homage to my New England heritage. So buy me some. My birthday was a couple months ago....it seems like a few of you may have forgotten.......

8) Do you ever feel like your love handles need some work?

I'm waiting for Donnie to tell me our "diet" is over so I can binge eat these cake batter balls while watching hours upon hours of How I Met Your Mother episodes on Netflix. If that's not a perfect night, I don't know what is..

9) I see lots of canvas and glue in my future....
I am in lust with vintage maps...vintage anything really... but I'm not a hipster. I can't wait to buy a (or take over someone else's) color printer and make some fabulous wall art.... maybe for our new kitchen?!

So perfect. However, could be slightly depressing if you lead a boring life and have nothing cool to write down. Then you're stuck looking back at each day of each year, year after year, only to be reminded that you didn't do jack. So. Get out there and do jack... stuff... so if you do decide to make this calendar, you'll have something to look at.

So there you have it: 10 things that have wasted my time in the last week. ...really 11 if you count this blog... Some people look down on procrastination. Really, it's an art. And I'm a freaking artist.

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