Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot town, summer in the city..

I am now a solid month into my first EVER summer vacation in Houston. So far, I'm still upright and ventilating. But if this mercury keeps climbing, I'm a goner for sure. While I miss my beach greatly (....GREATLY) and my summer family even more, I'm strangely enjoying being in this hot, steamy, sticky, dirty, concrete jungle of a city. Don't get me wrong- running through Sharpstown at 7 in the morning and then doing a work out dvd while telling myself that it's the equivalent of the 10 mile run I could have done in Massachusetts...before work... is a FAR cry from strolling up and down Ocean View Ave in good ol' Wellfleet. And I don't even want to talk about my lack of Wellfleet Genny Blend on ice. But all in all, it might not kill me.

In all my "spare time" (read: on my boring "long" run this morning through my stupid, boring 'hood), I compiled a list of pros and cons to staying in Texas for the hot, hot, heat. (Did you see what I did there?)

Points for Texas:

1) I can see my other half and my two puppies (....and his cat) everyday! Without skyping!
2) I CAN SEE MY OTHER HALF AND MY TWO PUPPIES EVERYDAY!!! (It's so good it warrants a repeat)
3) I started teaching swimming lessons in my backyard (read: I still get to work on my speedo tan!)
4) I can sit around in my bathing suit and no pants all day long and no one will judge me.
5) I can play with new recipes for our ice cream maker and our grill
6) I'll be in town to catch the cinematic screening of Singing in the Rain (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
7) I can watch Next Food Network Star AS IT AIRS! Wam, bam, awesome!
8) Donnie's really cute, so seeing his face everyday is kinda awesome.

Points deducted from Texas, awarded to Cape Cod:

1) I can only run before 7:30 am, or else the heat and humidity render me a useless puddle of whining and stank
2) The landscaping and views are significantly sub par from the Cook..
3) Instead of whales breaching in my backyard, I instead get to watch two retarded dogs jumping at squirrels in trees....
4) It's so freaking hot..
5) It's. So. Freaking. Hot.
6) Marathon training is less than happening
7) My summer family is so far away... :(
8) The backyard pool is a far cry from HCB
9) I have no place to write daily messages to people that include the weather, tide times, and important historical facts.

So, numerically, Cape Cod might be winning. But a couple of the Texas plus points weigh heavier. We shall continue to see where the summer leads us. Stay tuned..

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  1. I'm really not sure why your dogs jumping at squirrels is not similar to whale watching. I think you should charge people money to ride an inflatable boat around your pool and watch the show. Great way to earn extra cash in my opinion!