Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, 'murrrica

Happy 5th of July!!

It's late enough in the day that, hopefully, your hangovers should all be subsiding by now. If not, then you must have had a fantastic evening!!

The fourth of July always used to signify the beginning of summer to me. (And by "always used to," I'm  referring to the past 7 years in which I spent on the lovely Herring Cove Beach on Cape Cod.)

 The season starts off slow, but the 4th always signified when the tourists would start coming in (read: stupidity would be in full swing and the beach reports would be a-rockin') and the beach would be ooc. Spinals, assists, first aids up the wazoo- you name it, it probably went down at the HCB. I don't mean that to sound rude, mentioning stupidity, but quite frankly, what else would you call it when a mother would willingly tell her children to jump off the back of a boat in the middle of the ocean knowing full well that none of them can swim. True story. Or the really cute (and uber smart...) group of college aged Dominican fellows tried their hardest to "swim" out to their soccer ball after it had already drifted about 50 yards off shore. (I Michael Phelps'ed that bad larry back in after watching them struggle for about 5 minutes. Normally we only provide assists to patrons in need, but it was so painful watching these boys flounder that I couldn't sit idly by any longer. They were so grateful that they asked to take a picture with me....which turned into like three pictures.....which turned into some really awkward waving at me for the rest of the day... Thanks, gents.)

The best thing that could ever happen to a lifeguard on the 5th of July was a rain day. Ahh, the blissful rain day. And I'm not talking a light, refreshing rain. I mean the rain that keeps all those Griswolds home! The rain that's bad enough to take that, "I don't care what the weather is, we're on vacation and we're going to the beach" mentality and throw it right out the window. A rain day is sheer perfection to a lifeguard after a 4th of July in Provincetown....
(No, your eyes don't deceive you- that is, indeed, an Edward blanket)...(and good ol' Chris, sleeping with said Edward blanket)

I know what you're saying (Donnie), "Quit your bitchin', you sit on the beach everyday..." and yes, this is true. We do sit on the beach. Everyday. Sometimes, we do not want to go to the beach. Everyday. But we did. And the good days for sure out numbered the bad. My fantastic boss, Gordo, used to always say, "A bad day on the beach beats a bad day anywhere else." Total fact.
Gordo at his 50th! (I know! 50!!)

Which brings me to today. Am I on the beach? Nay. I am back and forth between my backyard pool and my house, teaching little kiddos how to swim and [not] working on my assignments for the week (hence this novel of a blog post). But I couldn't help but think of my lifeguards today. Here in Houston we are NOT having a rain day. We are having a hot as eff, sunny as eff, no break from the humidity in sight kinda day. I can't help but feel [only a little] relieved that I didn't have to sit out in the blazing sun all day long with a hangover the size of Minnesota. (I'm also more than a little relieved that I HAD no hangover!) And as I sit here in the comfort of my 75 degree air conditioned house, on my comfy new couches, surrounded by my wonderful dogs and studly husband, I think of my summer family. And I sure hope that today was not a bad day on the beach.
The best summer family a girl could ever ask for! 

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