Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Me, Myself and I

Linking up this morning with some lovelies to partake in a little Me, Myself, and I to get this Tuesday morning started. Join in!!

What is your biggest phobia?

Clowns. For real. They were always scary, but that effing guy in Saw who rode around on that creaky tricycle really went above and beyond. FORGET IT.

....or losing the ones I love. ....and clowns.

If you could relive any day of your life, what would it be and why?

It would probably be completely cliche of me to say "the day my husband and I got married," BUT- hear me out. We got married in Disney World. Our photographers were really fun. The ceremony was very sweet. Our reception was hoppin'. I had my best friends and family all with me in the happiest place on earth. We went to the Magic Kingdom after the reception was over. And then Epcot. In addition to eating this insane brioche french toast with caramelized bananas foster and delicious wedding cake earlier in the day, I also got a bangarang pastry in France. And then we spent the night in the Grand Floridian. On the concierge level. Where we had access to a fridge full of soda all night long. And they gave me free slippers....at least, I'm assuming they were free. Sooooo, yeah. I'm gonna go with that.

Delish cake and a cute boy... jackpot.

Hell yeah, GF slippers!! 

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

Hm, 27 into 28 has been pretty good. I'm about to start a fabulous new job. I feel like I have a little bit of wisdom (...emphasis on the "little bit" part). Mary Kay has done fabulous things for my skin ((shameless plug: ask me about how it can help yours!!!)) so my wrinkles are still being warded off thanks to the TimeWise Miracle Set. My knowledge of good wine is ever growing. I'm starting to surprise myself in more sensible life choices. And my body hasn't completely given up on me yet. AND I'm not 30. So, that's a big plus.

What celebrity do you get mistaken for?

I don't get mistaken for any celebrity. But once, when I was in high school, my "friend" told me I looked like a lemur. It shook me pretty bad (hey, I was at a delicate age!). So now, even if someone does tell me I look like someone, I let them know that they're probably just thinking of a lemur.
Me on my wedding day.....

....a lemur...

What songs are included on the soundtrack of your life?

Soulshine, by the Allman Brothers. Because, it's a wonderful wonderful song, and anytime I'm feelin down, or it's a rainy day, I blast it at top volume and sing at the top of my lungs and it makes me feel so happy.
Baby, I love you- the Ramones version. This song makes me think of Donnie. It's a really sweet song. And we dig the Ramones.
This. Entire. Album. Download it. If you haven't already been enlightened to Girl Talk, check him out. I put this album on my life soundtrack list because of how many freaking long runs this track list has gotten me through. Lonely marathons, half marathons, and training runs alike. There's just something about it that never gets old. And it totally amps me up.
And this. Well, all of the Immaculate Collection, really. But this song spawned numerous dance parties in my bedroom growing up as a kiddo- either alone or with friends. Who doesn't like 80's Madonna?! 90's Madonna, ok- we'll talk. But 80's Madonna?! Legendary.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday letters, and other thing I'm thankful for..

Linking up today for some Friday letters..

Dear Friday the 13th- you are what people make of you, and today I think I made you pretty awesome.
(Bahaha, you're welcome)

Dear Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker- thanks for making this homemade mango gelato so outta control

Dear wifey- I. Can't. Wait. Til. Next week!! (Even if it's a little longer than a week away...I'm calling it next week!) Color runnin', tutu making, ice cream eating, money blowing, beach volleyballin'..... ho man!!!! I can't handle this..

Dear Max- the other day we let Lady out and you and I had some much needed QT. Then you got your nose stuck in your ball. It takes a pretty special guy to get a round object stuck on their face. But you did it. And I think you're real cute.

Dear Charlie Chaplin- Thanks for being so freaking adorable.

Dear Donnie- thanks for the best movie date ever last night! I'm oh so appreciative that you've made me sit down numerous times to watch all these old flicks. I'm even more appreciative that you make me watch them over and over again until I like them. But this one only took one try- and I'm SO glad we got to see it on the big screen last night! We have good movie dates- and I like that.

Dear Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor- you're my most favorite.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week at a glance..

It's been a rainy rainy week here in H-Town, the land where dreams come true. While it was a real pain in the ass for the first 4 days, I've decided to embrace it today. (read: try and make me put on real clothes.) The other half is at work, all of my swimming lessons are cancelled, and I've got three more assignments to finish up for the week. And so, without further rambling on, here it is: a photographic journey via my instagram through the last 4 days of my life. Once again, you are so welcome.

On Saturday, my rad grandmother-in-law, a couple of Donnie's aunts and his cousin Matt and I took a journey up to the Kemah Boardwalk (apparently, the fun doesn't stop at the Kemah boardwalk....) to celebrate Aunt Nancy's birthday. We had decided to eat at this restaurant that provided outdoor seating so that you could "enjoy" your meal while watching the boats coming in and out of the harbor. After about 3 minutes of waiting to "enjoy" these views, we were all covered in so much sweat that sweet Aunt Nancy finally agreed that, yes, maybe we would be more comfortable sitting inside in the air conditioning near a window. (Thank you, Jesus). Anyway, food was good. Company was good. And in Kemah, on the boardwalk there is an area where you can pay a quarter and feed the catfish below. (Yes. You read right. "Feed the catfish." Catfish and dirty brown water. That's how Kemah rolls.) (Kemah also apparently rolls with idiots who don't know how to steer their catamarans and wind up sailing full speed into the outdoor dining area where guests can be found "enjoying" their meals. Aces.)

When I'm home in New Hampshire, one of my favo things to do over the summer is make stops at local farm stands in my town with my mom. I don't think there's anything better than homegrown heirloom tomatoes. I love it when they look like a totally misshapen beach ball with all those lines on them. It's like they're telling you exactly where you need to slice them. (Tomato salad, anyone?! Nom.) But alas, I'm not in New Hampshire (yet!!!!!!!!!). So instead, I took a picture of some "greenhouse" tomatoes in my local H.E.B. Totally not the same- but still pretty. 

Tuesday was laundry day at our house (read: Tuesday was the day that I actually got around to doing the laundry since I'd been putting it off for a couple weeks...and was sick of looking at the pile in my closet...ok, ok, maybe it was outside of my closet too) and of course I waited until right before bed to put the sheets back on. After realizing that we didn't know where Lady was, Donnie conducted a brief search (read: Donnie checked the bed because that's usually where Lady is if she's not trying to weasel her way into your lap on the couch) and found her underneath the recently washed blanket. Clearly, she doesn't see anything wrong with this picture, other than the fact that Donnie obviously woke her up from a perfectly normal and acceptable nap. (Photo cred shout out to Donnie)

As I mentioned, it's been a rainy, rainy week here in Houston. On the Cape, the rain is awesome because it tends to drive away the Griswolds, leaves you with a bangarang nap and work out day, and you still get paid bank for it. Here in H-Town, however, it floods the backyard, drowns my flowers, makes my dogs smell bad, and forces me to cancel my swimming lessons (farewell, income, I miss you so...). 

I spy with my one eye- some wrinkles, shoddy looking eye makeup as a result of swimming and working out (and let's call a spade a spade here- shoddy application), and an iris that appears to show armageddon (but without Ben Affleck or Brucey). I got stuck in some non-moving traffic last night and got really bored, so I decided to take pictures of everything around me that was interesting (..............). 

I sure hope you guys (and by "you guys," I mean the 2 of you who are probably reading this) have found some thrilling things to take pictures of this week! If you don't have an instagram- get it. And then follow me! (beckysoda) Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My girl, Katy told me I needed to link up for some Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday. So here I go...

I don't know how I used to waste so much time before Pinterest. And don't even get me started on the wedding I planned sans Pinterest (it's still kinda tough to think about...)(...that skeleton key board where guests wrote "keys to success," old suitcases for card boxes, and I don't even want to talk about all the photos we DIDN'T take). Hence my most recent pin board, entitled "Too little, too late, Pinterest." My friend had told me a few months ago when it was first starting to get big (to me, anyway) about what a freaking time dump it would be. Had I only known....

BUT- every cloud has a silver lining, and this cloud just found like a heap of silver linings to repin! Perhaps it's the "oodles" of "free time" I have now (read: not having to wait until my bathroom breaks to check all of the fun apps on my phone) that's to be the cause of this recent pincrease. Perhaps it's that I'm now looking at all these recipes and crafts and knowing that I JUST MIGHT have time to make them! ...Or maybe it's because my school work is beginning to get a little old (cue also recent influx in blog posts). Whatever it may be, I have compiled my list of top pins from the last few days to share with you. Because you didn't have to ask. You're welcome.

1) The. Freaking. Keys.
I love skeleton keys. I love rustic looking things. And, while we might not actually take your advice, I sure like reading keys to success. So thanks a heap, Pinterest. Thanks a heap.

2) Recipe for the day: How to make Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade.
While I'm a complete Starbucks addict and will drink probably anything the barista puts in a cup, I am just too frugal (read: cheap) to pay $7 for a caffeinated beverage. (Because that's about how much a trenta beverage other than coffee costs. And my body doesn't respond to caffeine unless I consume a liter of it in about 30 minutes.) However, I am indeed a sucker for their passion tea lemonade. (If you haven't had it, you're probably off your rocker). This recipe is a dead ringer! (Course, it's pretty hard to eff up: passion tea, lemonade, simple syrup- shake well.) It's the most refreshing, perfect summer evening drink! Especially when you add vodka.

3) Ummm, hello curtains??!
Oh hello there, no sew Roman shades. These are made from a tablecloth (tablecloth?!?!) and tension rods, apparently from the Targ. The possibilities I see in my head are endless. AND- think about how cheap easy it'll be to change 'em out?! (Cue hideously tacky seasonal tablecloths to go with my fave holidays! Halloween in August, anyone?! YES!)


Yeah. I don't even own a pair of Tom's. But I'm totally gonna go buy some, wear a freaking hole in them, and then patch 'em up with some ridiculously cute patterned fabric. Thank you, Tom's-wearing-hippies.

For the love of God, someone buy me this outfit. It's gonna look great with my new patchworked Tom's.

6) And for those of you who are not on the "baby wearing a headband with a big fake flower on it"...
....still not on it? Then there's something wrong with you.

7) After years of working on Cape Cod, my Cape Cod bracelets are as much a part of my everyday attire as my [unfortunate] tattoos (and much more pleasant to look at)(damn you, college decisions...) But after years of wear and exposure, they are looking quite worn. My new solution:
Cape Elizabeth bracelets! Not quite so much tarnish, cute, and still pays homage to my New England heritage. So buy me some. My birthday was a couple months ago....it seems like a few of you may have forgotten.......

8) Do you ever feel like your love handles need some work?

I'm waiting for Donnie to tell me our "diet" is over so I can binge eat these cake batter balls while watching hours upon hours of How I Met Your Mother episodes on Netflix. If that's not a perfect night, I don't know what is..

9) I see lots of canvas and glue in my future....
I am in lust with vintage maps...vintage anything really... but I'm not a hipster. I can't wait to buy a (or take over someone else's) color printer and make some fabulous wall art.... maybe for our new kitchen?!

So perfect. However, could be slightly depressing if you lead a boring life and have nothing cool to write down. Then you're stuck looking back at each day of each year, year after year, only to be reminded that you didn't do jack. So. Get out there and do jack... stuff... so if you do decide to make this calendar, you'll have something to look at.

So there you have it: 10 things that have wasted my time in the last week. ...really 11 if you count this blog... Some people look down on procrastination. Really, it's an art. And I'm a freaking artist.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Favos

As I sit here, sipping/chugging my iced coffee and procrastinating school work even more, I've been reflecting a bit on my favorite things. (Yes, raindrops on roses AND whiskers on kittens!) So I've made a list for you. Feel free to like these things as much as I do. I hope they can bring you the same kinda happiness they bring me.

1) Nail polish, nail polish, nail polish! Current seasonal faves, and both on my fingers as I type:

Essie's Turquoise and Caicos
Essie's Ole Caliente

2) This. Freaking. Movie.

If you have yet to see this movie, first of all- shame on you. Second of all, that's enough stalling. Rent it. Buy it. Illegally download it (but then buy it so that you can support this fabulous film). I found this film to be a deep breath of fresh air. If you don't finish watching this movie with a big hankering to watch either City Lights and/or Singin' in the Rain, go back and do it again. You clearly watched it wrong. If Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds hadn't already put "learn how to dance wicked good" on my bucket list, Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo just did.

3) The beach. With my four leggers (and fellow two legger, of course). 

Just a couple of beach bums.

After a long day of attacking foot high shore break, (read: a day of projectile throwing up salt water due to vicious attacks on foot high shore break), Lady is feeling much better, contrary to her facial expression in this picture.

Max, smarter than little Lady, did not stage attacks on the Gulf today and greatly enjoyed his (and his momma's!!!) first beach trip to Galveston.

Friday was my first beach day here in Texas (yes, and it only took me 5 years to embrace it...). My rad sister-in-law and amazing new cousins took me back in November for a wild and crazy weekend, but alas, the weather had been even too cold for me to hit up the water. I did stick my feet in though...while wearing my fleece and long pants. Back then, it was reminiscent of Cape Cod.

Friday, not only were pants nowhere near in sight (get your mind out of the gutter- it was a million degrees outside), but I couldn't see the bottom. This water was brown. B.R.O.W.N. Like, I held my hand about an inch under the surface and I couldn't see it. I hear that can be normal for Galveston? Woof. BUT- brown water, raging heat and a humidity that just won't quit aside, it was a really nice "day." (I'd call it a day without parenthesis, but it was so freaking hot that we only lasted like 2 hours before Lady started vomming all over the place [all.over.the.place.] and Max kept trying to sit on my sweet mother in law's towel...or just straight up on my mother in law.) Lady got to try out her new life jacket (pictures of that one to come!) and Max kept trying to throw his body down and roll all around in the dried seaweed along the waters edge. Sometimes my dogs are really special...

4) Daydreaming about our upcoming New England trip!!! This one's so good it requires it's own post. Maybe tomorrow. Orrrr later tonight, as I'm sure to continue NOT doing homework.

5) THIS MOVIE. In our dvd player and on my telly right now. 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.

Remember how freaking awesome John Hughes was? I dare you to find someone who hasn't seen (and totally dug) at least 3 of his flicks. (Hell-oooooo?! The Molly Ringwalds. Boom.) They just don't make movies like these anymore.

6) 5 day weekends with this guy... Thanks, America.

He's even cute pixelated. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, 'murrrica

Happy 5th of July!!

It's late enough in the day that, hopefully, your hangovers should all be subsiding by now. If not, then you must have had a fantastic evening!!

The fourth of July always used to signify the beginning of summer to me. (And by "always used to," I'm  referring to the past 7 years in which I spent on the lovely Herring Cove Beach on Cape Cod.)

 The season starts off slow, but the 4th always signified when the tourists would start coming in (read: stupidity would be in full swing and the beach reports would be a-rockin') and the beach would be ooc. Spinals, assists, first aids up the wazoo- you name it, it probably went down at the HCB. I don't mean that to sound rude, mentioning stupidity, but quite frankly, what else would you call it when a mother would willingly tell her children to jump off the back of a boat in the middle of the ocean knowing full well that none of them can swim. True story. Or the really cute (and uber smart...) group of college aged Dominican fellows tried their hardest to "swim" out to their soccer ball after it had already drifted about 50 yards off shore. (I Michael Phelps'ed that bad larry back in after watching them struggle for about 5 minutes. Normally we only provide assists to patrons in need, but it was so painful watching these boys flounder that I couldn't sit idly by any longer. They were so grateful that they asked to take a picture with me....which turned into like three pictures.....which turned into some really awkward waving at me for the rest of the day... Thanks, gents.)

The best thing that could ever happen to a lifeguard on the 5th of July was a rain day. Ahh, the blissful rain day. And I'm not talking a light, refreshing rain. I mean the rain that keeps all those Griswolds home! The rain that's bad enough to take that, "I don't care what the weather is, we're on vacation and we're going to the beach" mentality and throw it right out the window. A rain day is sheer perfection to a lifeguard after a 4th of July in Provincetown....
(No, your eyes don't deceive you- that is, indeed, an Edward blanket)...(and good ol' Chris, sleeping with said Edward blanket)

I know what you're saying (Donnie), "Quit your bitchin', you sit on the beach everyday..." and yes, this is true. We do sit on the beach. Everyday. Sometimes, we do not want to go to the beach. Everyday. But we did. And the good days for sure out numbered the bad. My fantastic boss, Gordo, used to always say, "A bad day on the beach beats a bad day anywhere else." Total fact.
Gordo at his 50th! (I know! 50!!)

Which brings me to today. Am I on the beach? Nay. I am back and forth between my backyard pool and my house, teaching little kiddos how to swim and [not] working on my assignments for the week (hence this novel of a blog post). But I couldn't help but think of my lifeguards today. Here in Houston we are NOT having a rain day. We are having a hot as eff, sunny as eff, no break from the humidity in sight kinda day. I can't help but feel [only a little] relieved that I didn't have to sit out in the blazing sun all day long with a hangover the size of Minnesota. (I'm also more than a little relieved that I HAD no hangover!) And as I sit here in the comfort of my 75 degree air conditioned house, on my comfy new couches, surrounded by my wonderful dogs and studly husband, I think of my summer family. And I sure hope that today was not a bad day on the beach.
The best summer family a girl could ever ask for! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coast to Coast

Ahh, sweet summer vacation! I'm kickin off my week sippin some iced coffee (weak, because I ran out of coffee and had already added my water...womp womp) and reading some blogs. I don't hate it! My lovely best friend Katy posted this fabulous link in her blog last week, and now that my blog is back up and running, I had to share it with you guys! How wonderful to be able to find and follow (in a not creepy way) people in your own area! Read on, friends! May you find some fabulous new people writing wonderful things!

Click here to go coastal! It's a blog world after all...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot town, summer in the city..

I am now a solid month into my first EVER summer vacation in Houston. So far, I'm still upright and ventilating. But if this mercury keeps climbing, I'm a goner for sure. While I miss my beach greatly (....GREATLY) and my summer family even more, I'm strangely enjoying being in this hot, steamy, sticky, dirty, concrete jungle of a city. Don't get me wrong- running through Sharpstown at 7 in the morning and then doing a work out dvd while telling myself that it's the equivalent of the 10 mile run I could have done in Massachusetts...before work... is a FAR cry from strolling up and down Ocean View Ave in good ol' Wellfleet. And I don't even want to talk about my lack of Wellfleet Genny Blend on ice. But all in all, it might not kill me.

In all my "spare time" (read: on my boring "long" run this morning through my stupid, boring 'hood), I compiled a list of pros and cons to staying in Texas for the hot, hot, heat. (Did you see what I did there?)

Points for Texas:

1) I can see my other half and my two puppies (....and his cat) everyday! Without skyping!
2) I CAN SEE MY OTHER HALF AND MY TWO PUPPIES EVERYDAY!!! (It's so good it warrants a repeat)
3) I started teaching swimming lessons in my backyard (read: I still get to work on my speedo tan!)
4) I can sit around in my bathing suit and no pants all day long and no one will judge me.
5) I can play with new recipes for our ice cream maker and our grill
6) I'll be in town to catch the cinematic screening of Singing in the Rain (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
7) I can watch Next Food Network Star AS IT AIRS! Wam, bam, awesome!
8) Donnie's really cute, so seeing his face everyday is kinda awesome.

Points deducted from Texas, awarded to Cape Cod:

1) I can only run before 7:30 am, or else the heat and humidity render me a useless puddle of whining and stank
2) The landscaping and views are significantly sub par from the Cook..
3) Instead of whales breaching in my backyard, I instead get to watch two retarded dogs jumping at squirrels in trees....
4) It's so freaking hot..
5) It's. So. Freaking. Hot.
6) Marathon training is less than happening
7) My summer family is so far away... :(
8) The backyard pool is a far cry from HCB
9) I have no place to write daily messages to people that include the weather, tide times, and important historical facts.

So, numerically, Cape Cod might be winning. But a couple of the Texas plus points weigh heavier. We shall continue to see where the summer leads us. Stay tuned..