Thursday, March 15, 2012


Yesterday, we celebrated Pi Day. Not because I like pi, but moreso because I like pie. And I gladly welcome any excuse that will let me celebrate using something with tons of calories and a high fat content.

Which is the inspiration for this quickie little post. I had to share the link to this UH-MAY-ZINGG peanut butter pie recipe. I didn't take a picture of the pie...because we ate it too fast. There's still half left, but that's an unattractive picture. So instead, I just encourage you all to make this easy easy pie STAT! I think from beginning to end it took us about 20 minutes. And that's only because my friend that I was making it with needed to use splenda instead of powdered sugar, so I had to wrangle out and assemble my food processor so that we could grind the splenda real fine. (Which, btw, was not noticed AT ALL in the final product! Splenda and Black and Decker FTW!)

We also (ok, it was all Jamie) made homemade whipped cream, which I think may have made a huge difference as well.

So eat up my friends! This pie gets a perfect 10 in my book!!!!

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