Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!!

While upon waking up this morning (which, thanks to last night's rodeo, was more difficult than on most Wednesdays....), I really wanted to take this bonus day of February and just sleep through it all. But, after 10 cups of coffee, 30 minutes of Alabama Pandora radio, and finding joy in teaching my 4-5 year old special ed students about Leap Day (and, in addition, teaching them how to leap), I decided to grab this extra day of 2k12 by the nads and make it happen.

So, after 11 hours of procrastination, 7 rounds of Scramble with Friends, 1 episode of Paula Dean, and making sure numerous times that I was up to date on my friend's Facebook statuses, I did! I have finally applied for my teaching certificate in the great state of Texas! After 5 years of taking the easy way out of teaching (subbing, assisting, and teaching without the paycheck that goes with it) I have finally taken responsibility and done something about it!

**Emotionally unstable rant start...**

I see some of the crazies that get hired into the public school system. Please don't get me wrong, there are some totally legit teachers that come to work, do their job, and actually care. BUT, on the other hand, there are SO many that are just there for a paycheck. I'm sorry, but public school is not a daycare. As a teacher, you cannot treat your job like you're babysitting. Yes, a lot of the parents will consider you to be more of a babysitter than a teacher. BUT- at the end of the day, these kids are here to learn. And I'm sick ofhearing teachers complain about their students behavior/test scores/social skills/etc when all they do is put in a movie or put their students in workstations that they barely explain! How can you expect a 5 year old to show growth if you barely show them that you know their name?! I get really frustrated when I think about how much I love these (well, most of these) kiddos, and I have no authority for how they're taught or treated by their teachers.

**Emotionally unstable rant end...**

Anyway. Fingers crossed that my application gets accepted and I can begin taking the steps I need to take in order to have my very own classroom! (Read: mentor my own classroom full of my own kids....ina classroom I get to decorate all by myself!)

In addition to my application and it's 50-100 word essay on why I'm awesome....or why I want to teach...I also completed the following:

*I paid my rent.
*I paid off my end of our trip to San Diego....SAN DIEGO!!!!
*I gave my dogs some love

(because, honestly?! Look at those freaking faces!)
*I consumed a healthy dinner of Golden Grahams and some wine from a box.

Not too bad for a bonus day.... not to mention being one day closer to jeans-day Friday! It's the little things....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The stars at night are big and bright...

After 5+ years, 1 apartment, 1 house, 2 dogs, numerous fish, wonderful people, and one marriage to a born and bred (or bread, if you ask my jokester husband) Texan, I am finally starting to try and embrace my life as a New Englander-turned-Southern Belle (ha). Texas isn't so the winter. The weather beats what my loves are tackling up in New England, that's for sure. I'll take flip flops in February any day. And I mean, since I eat pavement running when it's relatively warm and dry, I'm pretty sure I'd be a nightmare running on ice. And 99% of the time, the weather, or at least the temperature, is pretty perfect for running (last weekend's half marathon NOT included)(read: thunder and lightning, sheets of rain, 25 mph head winds,and a flooded beach to run on.... score).

So to backtrack, let's take a look at how I was 5 years ago when I moved to Texas.
*I was a vegetarian
*I couldn't handle heat
*I couldn't drive my way out of a box anywhere in this damn city
*I knew NO ONE
*I had no dogs
*....I was a vegetarian

Now, some of these things I still have a rough time with. The traffic in Houston can be a total bitch...and I still get a little nervous when getting on 610 going somewhere other than Memorial Park or the Galleria.... I just get so confused! And the heat...yeah, that starts sucking around March.

But let's look at the perks!

1) My dogs are freaking amazing
(They only love each other soooooo much!)

2) I know some pretty fantastic people
(Some of the most solid girls you could ask for! You should check out Katie's culinary pov and restaurant reviews!)

3) I tied the knot with the fella I moved down to Texas for... soooo, mission accomplished.
(If you think he's a stud here, you should read his blog!)

4) I started eating meat. Lots of meat. Which brings me to perk number 5-78956892....


Last night we were lucky enough to go to the BBQ cook off at the rodeo! It's a vip event- you gotta know someone cooking to go! Donnie's mom's good friend, Adriana, and her husband Tim have a tent. I know they both aren't lacking in the kitchen department, but whooodillally... Tim can COOK! He (and a team of I think 7 other people) get together and cook up a storm for this event. Think brisket, sausage, fajitas, chicken, venison chili, ribs, wings, gumbo, you name it. If it had a pulse, Tim and his crew are gonna cook the crap out of it.... deliciously! Tim was talking numbers with us last night- they filled up 8 shopping carts at HEB (a Texas grocery store) JUST with groceries and produce, racking up bill of around $1100. Then they spent another grand+ on....wait for it....600-700 LBS of meat! 5 years ago I probably would have thrown up in my mouth at those figures. But last night, I grabbed a plate and a fork and went to town!

So. To recap. My dogs are awesome. I can run outside in shorts during the winter. (Running in a thunder and lightning storm sucks wherever you are.) And it's hard to find salad at the rodeo, so suck it up and forget that what you're eating had a face.

Happy Saturday!