Thursday, January 26, 2012

I like to keep people waiting..

Apparently, I'm the most awesome and dedicated blogger there is. I was going to wait a full year (following the renewal of my domain) to post my next blog...but I JUST found something so amazing that I cannot wait any longer!!

Alright, you smartphone owners, and you chefs, and you chefs who own smartphones...get ready to have your aprons totally rocked!

FoodGawker app.

Do it. Holy. I thought I could waste hours of my life on Facebook. This is like a fat kids facebook....or a chef's dream! Create your login information, and then go to town. Instead of lists and lists of boring recipes, with this baby you can peruse by picture! See something that looks delish? Click on it and get the recipe! Like it? Save it to your favorites so you can reference it whenever you'd like!

Seriously. This business is so good I had to break my almost year long hiatus from this thing to share it with the world.

Guess since I broke my non-writing streak I'll attempt to stick with it. Maybe...

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