Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joining the masses with glasses

It's finally happened you guys. I've been forced to hop on the four-eyed bandwagon. ::insert picture of nerdtastic person here, wearing atrocious glasses, and I'm sure that'll be my new look come about 3:30 this afternoon::
While I'm slightly relieved that, perhaps, my migraines will maybe diminish, I'm a tad concerned for what I'm going to see this first time I take a peek through my new specs.
Apparently, it's been a while since I've had a "legit" eye exam? Which might explain why I get completely nauseous from using my reading glasses (...hmmm...thanks, LensCrafters?). Yesterday, Donnie and I took our first trip as a couple to a doctor's office! (It was the optometrists, guys... come on, now...) I've never been someplace where I've had my eyes dilated. The Doc put these drops in my eyes and told me to keep my eyes shut for a couple minutes. Boy howdy! Those mothers burned from those eye drops! I couldn't have opened them if I'd wanted to!
So as I sat there, with my eyes closed, wiping away combination of tears, mascara and probably straight acid, I do my best to answer his questions...which were sometimes hard to understand since he had a rather ridiculous accent (thanks for being a melting pot, Houston!). No, my eyes aren't, I don't have a lazy eye...what? Did you not look at my eyes before you attempted to singe them out of my sockets?! Apparently not.
So now it's game time. "Ok. Open your eyes." So I do. Annnnd, I'm borderline blind. This should make for an interesting eye exam...since I can't SEE ANYTHING!! I think I even ask I supposed to be able to see? Because, I can't. "Oh, that's normal." Oh. Good. Thanks Doc. I'm sure you're going to be able to get a really accurate reading of how good I can see since you've completely Stevie Wondered me, here. After the usual "1 or 2? 3 or 4? A or 3?" he gets into the nitty gritty. And by that, I mean he somehow captured all of the light from the sun, put it in this little machine, and then forced me to look directly into it. Whatever damage wasn't done by the bleach he put in there earlier was just further solidified by burning out my retinas. He's telling me to look left, look right, look to his left ear, his right shoulder...I was getting totally grilled. For the first eye it was fine...ish. The second eye I was so flustered and worried about long term damage that I could no longer really differentiate between my left and right, let alone the dang doctor's.
The exam ended. Then the fun part: picking out my new frames. I used to like this part. I realized yesterday that it's really only fun picking out these new accessories that will be on your face all day every day when you can actually see your options. I was looking at rows and columns of frames with one eye shut in hopes that would make my options easier to see. It didn't help that my pupils were dilated to the size of Minnesota, and all of the frames were on a giant wall on flourescent lights. (My inner dialogue consisted of lots of this: "Oh, these are cute frames. Very versatile....Ohhh, they might be aqua...?" "Hm, these are nice...oh...they're men's...? Children's?") Fabulous. It also didn't help that, when my love came out of his exam, Donnie was just as blind as I was. I'm sure we made a really cute couple, me staggering around with one eye shut, incessantly asking Donnie "what do these look like?"
I have no clue what either of our glasses look like, nor am I entirely sure of the amount that I validated to be charged on my credit card. Here's hoping that, when I pick up my glasses today, I can actually see out of them. And they're actually women's frames...and cute.
Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011: The year of the blog

Hi friends! Welcome to my very first attempt at being a blogger! We'll see how long this faze lasts....hopefully I can make it a year, because that's how long this website is good for...

Here are some things you should know about me:

1) I like to run.
2) I like to run so that I can eat food that's yummy and (usually) not necessarily healthy.
3) I live in one of the fattest cities in America...which means, the eatin's good here.
4) I like Disney World, Disneyland, and taking Disney vacations, despite how my bank account cries for me not to.
5) I have two of the cutest, best dogs in the whole world.
6) I use sarcasm, lots of it, and usually at really inappropriate times.
Now that you know these things about me, please be prepared to read about:

1) Running (good, bad and ugly).
2) Delicious food (good, bad and ugly).
3) Houston's finest eateries (where I can get a meal that makes my $10 budget happy)
4) Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney vacations.
5) The crazy life of my two adorable dogs.
6) Sarcasm...that will come off a lot like "lies."

If you're not captivated yet, I'm not sure what's wrong with you.
I started this blog because I really felt like I had far too much spare time on my hands, and needed something constructive to do with all of my downtime. What with marathon training, wedding planning, eating myself into an oblivion (but being ever mindful of the wedding dress hanging in my closet), solving the world's hunger crisis AND making sure my dogs don't murder and/or consume any rabid animals in the backyard, I find myself bored almost all the time. ...kudos to those of you who were able to pick up on my first batch of blog-sarcasm. In actuality, I really wanted to start blogging because lots of cool people I know do it, and I just really want to be cool. Also, because I ate at this great burger joint on Saturday night, called The Counter, that I really just wanted to share with the world!!! (Or, you know, the 2 friends that might read this blog...Hi, Donnie and Mom!)
But, since I write to you from work, and my "shift" ends in 2 minutes, this will have to suffice for my first blog posting. (Plus, I need my technologically advanced fiance Donnie's help uploading pictures, as I'm still reblogtarded.) Here's hoping you guys get to someday hear about The Counter from me...since I'll describe it better than anyone else alive. FACT.