Sunday, February 8, 2015

All the food, and the best commercial I've ever seen

The first week of February had me feeling significantly more lazy than the first week in January. I should be done with my ten miler by now.... but instead I'm watching Mythbusters, blogging, and sippin' on some BPC. Bulletproof coffee gets me goin' in the morning! (If you guys haven't tried it, I suggest giving it a whirl. You might be surprised!) I usually make my bulletproof coffee with a little bit of coconut oil and ghee. Not only does it taste delish, but I don't need to use chapstick for the rest of the morning after drinking it! Win!
This is what's trumping me finding a sports bra right now. Does reading about running burn as many calories as actually running?

If you do decide to try out some BPC (don't be scared!), just keep in mind that it is loaded with healthy fats and calories. On mornings I go bulletproof, I don't eat or drink anything else (except for water, of course). Not only does it taste delish, it totally keeps me full until lunch time! Also, if you read up on bulletproof coffee, you'll find a lot of haters out there. But. You know. Haters gon' hate hate hate hate hate.

Yesterday, I dusted off ol' Cracker and took her on a 45 miler through the prairies of Texas. It was beautiful! I met up with two lovely (badass) ladies, and we photo documented our favorite parts of the morning!

Rest stop #1. The pickles! I'm pretty sure this was the second of the 28963 pickle pieces I ate yesterday morning. Not shown here is the brownies with peanut butter. If you think that eating a brownie with peanut butter, and then washing it down with a pickle is disgusting, then I urge you to ride your bike for a few miles and then try it. The heart wants some weird things in a work out...

I think this was rest stop #3. This was the cutest little set up! And an extra win- I was able to snag a pink and red starburst! (And of course, more pickles....)

It's not easy to look this adorable after riding 25 miles and wearing a helmet, and yet these two make it look effortless. 

Michelle got our bikes to lock together! It's like our bikes are snuggling. So precious.

Rest stop #4. You sure don't eat like this on a run. (And don't worry. There were pickles at this one, too.)

When I was driving to the starting line this morning, it was foggy, and cold, and spooky looking. This is what it looked like outside when we finished. I liked this tree and I liked the sky. Sometimes Texas is pretty neat.

I didn't even know when I signed up for this that there'd be free beer at the end! (It was put on by a small, Christian academy, so I kinda just assumed. Faith Christian Academy and No Label for the win!) Sweet Stephanie on the right made my day around mile 17 when she mentioned free beer and barbecue at the end. I think my pace picked up for the rest of the way after that new knowledge. 

They gave us a bracelet for the beer tent. And explained that they had to "limit" us to "only" 4 beers. Which was nice of them. Because at the finish line, there were NO pickles. Sometimes you can't win 'em all.

Also, I can't get enough of this. Watch it, and then go hug an animal of your choice.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January- documented in pictures, miles, and calories

I've decided I'm going to document 2015 in pictures and in miles. With a double marathon month, a smattering of half marathons (and I'm sure another marathon somewhere in there), and Ironman Florida in November, it could by my miles-iest year yet. I've never been one for keeping track of my mileage (other than calculating mid-run how many pieces of pizza I can eat and beers I can drink to still calorically be in the neg), but I thought I might give it a whirl this year. Who knows how long I'll keep up with it. If it's anything like my blogging, I give it another week.

January was a good month though! I got to kick off the year in Disney World with a weekend of Donnie and an excessive amount of eating and running. Because that's how I roll.

Carbin' up at 'Ohana. Banana bread pudding til ya puke.

The finished product. I died a little.

I saw this sign on my morning run and I legit thought they were pointing me towards the carbs. 

RunDisney day number 1! Half marathon day, and lovin' every second of it!

Action shot down main street. The weather was great for cheering, and I'm still lovin' every second!

No wait at the mine train. I won't see that again. Don't care, still lovin' life!

Every year I run past these fools thinking, "I should stop and take a picture." 2015 for the win!

My. Most. Favorite. Part. Of. Any. Race. ...EVER. Lovin' it!

Not seen on my run, but too stinking cute to not share. 10 years later, I still got him <3

Marathon day- I was lovin' life a whole lot more on half marathon day. True story, I was hating life (shocking, I know) until mile 14 or so. Then these guys (and a coupla gu's) helped me perk up!

 Marathon day is the only day you'll find me loving on the Animal Kingdom :)

This little guy had his own race number on the other side of him! Unfortunately the cast member cut off half his face. Take my word for it- the other half of his face was super cute.

Jiminy's my favorite!

The rest of my marathon pictures are blurry or selfies, so I'll spare you guys those. At some point, I passed Sean Astin along my travels and was too marathon brained to even notice. I don't want to talk about it. 
These two just happened to be on vacation in WDW during marathon weekend! Liz is one of the sweet, sweet ladies that got me into running 5 years ago, and her daughter, Melissa, wound up jumping in and running a half marathon with Donnie's Aunt Nanette and I in December. Two of the greatest, these girls. They even took time out of their last day of vacation to tackle the crowds and cheer for all the marathon finishers (me included)! Thanks, you guys!

Marathon in the morning, and then 15 miles around the parks for the rest of the day. Disney World is great for logging some miles!

This sweet fella! I met him the day after I met Donnie for the first time. Disney World is where I meet all the best guys! (Side note: he totally murdered his first marathon, and suckered me in to doing the Coast to Coast with him this year. And by "suckered me in," I mean I asked him if he was doing Disneyland and he said, "yeah.")

My goal for the whole 26.2 was to make it to the Mine Train in time to redeem my fast pass. I had 5 hours from the time I started to the time my fast pass was up. Mission accomplished.

Mile 26.3- pound beers in England. Done.

And the following weekend, while home in Houston...

"I just want people to take me seriously." Direct quote. This guy also ran the full 26.2 with a Starbucks cup and a bagel. The bagel, though in really rough shape, actually did survive til the finish line. Gross. 

This girl! Natalie was a Briarmeadow Bronco up until last year, and now she attends a different middle school, which is a super bummer, because she's such a badass! We ran into each other before the starting line, and she ran the first 4 miles with us! What a boss!

Look how cute they are after running for 4+ hours! 

Teamwork makes the dream work. Another race surrounded by these kids! I'm a lucky girl to have such a great group of friends that build each other up on the reg. 

Post marathon walk with my true loves. My heart is full.

Total mileage for January- 133.6 miles. Had I not been sick for 70% of the month, I feel pretty confident I could have hit a nice even 150. But I suppose I shouldn't be hating on 133. I guess that's solid, all things considered.

Bring it on, February.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I run...

Happy National Running Day, friends!! It's a beautiful, hot and humid day in Houston today, so in order to really take advantage of this run happy holiday, I had to get up and at 'em before the sun came up. Thank goodness for wonderful friends who held me accountable for a 5:30 hill sprint workout :)

I'm linking up with Cori today (and a whole bunch of other happy runners!) to do a bit of reflecting in honor of today's holiday. Some of you guys may be thinking "That's stupid. National Running Day isn't a holiday." And that's ok. Everyone's entitled to have their own opinions and feelings about running. But for me, running has changed my life in so many ways. I'm grateful for the opportunity to run everyday (alright, almost everyday), but when everyone- runners, joggers, yoggers, walkers, crawlers- is making a chance to get out there on this one special day, well that just makes me feel amazing to be a part of something so big!

I run for these guys. Max was my very first running partner 5 years ago and he'll always be the best. He runs at just the right pace, stays right by my side, and is the epitome of loyalty. I'm so thankful for the times that I can take him out with me. Lady...well, she goes a little too fast for me, she darts all over the road, tries to chase every car, bus, and squirrel within a 50 yard radius... but she's a good girl, too.

I run for so many reasons. I can't get enough of that post-tough-run euphoria. There's something about that utterly-exhausted, got-nothing-left, can't-feel-my-legs, can't-take-another-step feeling that makes me feel absolutely rejuvenated! On the other hand, I love those times where running seems to come easily enough that I can enjoy the scenery around me. I've been lucky enough to run in some pretty fantastic places (some of those places I will return to in a couple of weeks- photos to follow). Once I started running, I found that I noticed and appreciated so much more along these familiar roads and paths than I ever had before. Who knew I loved wildflowers and ducks so much?!

Lots of times I'm not feeling the run. I'm. Just. Not. But afterwards?! It's almost as though someone had been spiking my gatorade along the way. I feel alive. I feel like my senses have been heightened. I feel like I can take on the day. I have more patience, more compassion, more tolerance, more energy! Always? No. But more often than not.


And of course, probably one of the main reasons...

Because, have you SEEN the calorie count on the back of Ben and Jerry's?! Me neither. But I'm sure it's not pretty...

So. Why do you run?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dropping the ball...

The past few months have been cray so that whole "return to blogging" thing really turned out to be a flash in the pan. Fail. In about a week, I'll head back up to New England to lifeguard on beautiful Cape Cod for my tenth (what?!) summer. It's the greatest job I could have ever fallen into, with some fantastic perks that go beyond getting paid something comparable to my teacher salary to work out and sit on a beautiful beach That said, now that I'm no longer 21, single, and a New Hampshire resident, it also gets a little bit harder every year to leave home. I've never been great at keeping up with the blog during the summer (or let's face it- in general) so this is going to be the year that I really try to make an effort to keep it going!

So before I leave and start filling this thing full of pictures of amazing scenery, friends, beers, and Bananagrams/Scrabble/Settlers of Catan game boards, here's a pictorial recap of some highlights from the last few months.

Baby Jolie is born! Now Donnie and I can get our baby fix, and then send her home after a few hours. Perfect.

Lady discovers both her reflection and the fish in our pond. It was love at (delayed) first sight.


Completion of my 3rd 70.3. Despite being sick as a dog, this one by far felt the best. And bonus- Jessica and I both PR'd! 

In addition to discovering her love for fish, Lady also discovered her love for jazz music. I put on a Miles Davis record, and she sat in front of the record player staring at it the whole time it was on. (Except of course to come get me when it was time to flip the album over.) Girlfriend's got mad taste.


Donnie and I took a trip to Austin for my dirty 30. Here are some highlights from that.

I. Can't. Get. Enough. Vinyl.

We stayed at this cute hotel that was labeled retro-chic- it did not disappoint. Lonestar Court was cute cute cute!

True. Effing. Story. Billy Gibbons was at the hotel bar drinking wine when Donnie and I went in for a happy hour cocktail. Turns out, he's the nicest guy ever. (Fun fact- HE'S the one who wanted to take a selfie. Mr. Gibbons, you're a true gentleman.)

Donnie and I "hiked" up to the alleged tallest point in Austin. It was gorgeous, and overlooked Lake Travis and the fabulous mansions right on the water. Someday I'm going to get paid enough to buy one of those houses.

 There were some really awesome looking trees that I just couldn't get enough of..

My dirty 30- Donnie's sweet family came and planted these flowers in my yard the night before my birthday! They're so fun I may or may not have a few that I planted in my actual flower beds :)
I wanted to take the pups for a good walk before we went out to dinner. It was a beautiful day!

Yup. Here it is.

May 17 I was lucky enough to get to volunteer at Ironman Texas. I'll be damned if I'm not going to sign up for IMTX2016! (Especially since they're moving it to April, making the heat and humidity hopefully a little more bearable.) Congratulations to all you badass participants! 

Girlfriend killed it. I'd love to be able to finish an Ironman when it's still daylight!

Happy tears when this one crossed the finish line!

Misty and I doing Ironman Texas the RIGHT way. It is, of course, so important to stay hydrated.

Happy summer, friends!